Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bumbling Bufoon

Has there ever been a White House Press Secretary that is as big of a bumbling buffoon as the one currently installed? I don't think so. Certainly not for as long as I can remember. By comparison, Porky Pig sounds eloquent. But, then, I don't have a high regard for any of JEJA's* appointments so far. Understatement. That. "High regard?" How about NO regard?

In news yesterday - I saw it on Fox this morning - the Treasury Department needs to borrow $361 billion dollars to keep the federal government afloat for April through June. Hey. JEJA. How about you make all of your appointees with tax issues pay their due? Oh, and you might want to get a few others, who we can't blame you for [Charlie Rangel comes to mind], to pay up, too.

*jug-eared jack-ass


  1. The head of DHS, Treasury, Press Office: all buffoons. They are meant to fail and take the blame for failure. Someone (that would be Obama, yes) wants the public unsafe, flat broke and ingnorent, so he has appointed buffoons. The attorny general, Panneta at CIA, surgeon general, car czar: BUFFOONS! (54% of the voters...)

  2. Gotta blame the voters, vermindust. They elected the biggest buffoon the world has ever seen!

  3. Gibbs in just a wanna-be-Ari Fleischer.

    Problem is, there's only one Ari.

    One of the big advantages Bush's press secretares have had is that they were never tasked with convincingly announcing that the oceans were actually made of pudding.



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