Friday, June 27, 2008

Another Abused / Raped Maid

Ho-humm. Just nonchalant... Same old, same old. Another hot and sunny day in the Sandbox and another maid abused and raped. And, what will happen? Absolutely nothing. The maid can identify two of her attackers - one of them, her employer. Will they be arrested? Will the employer be allowed to recruit another maid from a different country? Whatever. Who cares. Just the same old, same old, day in and day out, here.

But I will tell you this... The boys here - like the four who live down the street from me - they are the ones that will be committing these exact same crimes later on in life. Their parents offer absolutely NO discipline [and I'm not talking corporal punishment - how 'bout just grounding these little twerps - which is the nicest term I've used for them in a few days!], no guidance insofar as to being responsible adolescents, and from what I can see no rules.

It is all part and parcel of a double standard that exists. The second part of the article tells of a maid who will be spending three months in jail for allegedly stealing money, clothing and a watch from her employer. Although, personally, there is something wrong with the story, in my opinion, and I don't believe for a single solitary second the events happened quite the way they are described. Fishy. It's just fishy...

"The 32-year-old maid evaded arrest for months, but her employer got suspicious when he drove her to the airport. "We searched her bags and found clothes that we thought had been lost at the dry cleaners, a gold watch and a substantial amount of money," said a friend of the employer." She evaded arrest for months but yet the employer was some how able to drive her to the airport?!? No. Something just isn't right. And why would a "friend" of the employer be able to search her bags?!?

My point is that the maid - because she is an ex-pat - will be treated much, much differently and jailed for three months for a crime that probably wasn't even committed. And the "employer" who raped the maid in the first part of the article? Will he even be questioned? Will he be charged? Will he be found guilty and punished???

Who knows. If there is a follow-up in the paper, then I'll be able to read about it and find out. But it's not like I can turn on the nightly news, here, and listen to the stories that are being reported - any local news would be in Arabic and since my Arabic is nothing more than basic - very, very basic - I wouldn't understand a word that was being said.

Note to self: Sign up for additional Arabic classes this fall. [I have actually enjoyed the three I've already taken... I really, really liked learning how to write Arabic. But my real motive to learn the language is to find out what is being said by those speaking Arabic all around me...]


  1. sabra, the first link about the maid raped does not work.

  2. I think I fixed it, Anonymous.


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