Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More Maid Misery...

The continuing saga of maids being abused and mistreated is not going to come to an end anytime soon.

This poor woman has been a "guest" in the Sandbox, courtesy of her sponsor / employer, for only three weeks, and now has two broken legs. Oh, sure, the broken legs are her fault. After all, if she wouldn't have jumped out the window... trying to escape abuse...

Goodness gracious! "About 83 percent of Indonesian housemaids complain of unpaid salaries, nine percent are subjected to sex abuse and physical maltreatment, and eight percent have other problems with their employers." Do the math. One hundred percent of the Indonesian housemaids - ALL OF THEM - are in some way, shape or form, being mistreated by their employers? [Yes, the majority of them complain only of being unpaid, but isn't this a form of mistreatment? The ONLY reason the maids come here to begin with, is for the income!]

Sukamto Javaladi, labor attache a
t the Indonesian Embassy in Riyadh, says "There are over 625,000 Indonesian housemaids currently working in Saudi Arabia, of which 518,750 have unpaid salary claims from their employers."

Why - WHY - isn't the Ministry of Labor doing something about this??? And, why aren't other officials here doing something that will bring to an end once and for all the abuses - whatever they may be - inflicted upon workers that come here from other countries?!?

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