Monday, June 23, 2008

My New Gardener is Doing a Great Job!

I should have tracked Appuk down a long time ago and hired him. My yard looks better than it ever has. This man knows his stuff! My bushes have all been neatly trimmed - not butchered. I don't have scraggly grass growing between the bricks that outline the flower beds any more. Whatever plants were dying or dead Appuk has removed. And yesterday he brought me twenty-two flowers to plant around a tree where I had planted basil and carnations that all were killed due to excessive salt-watering by Gardener Number 6. Right now, my arrangement with Appuk is that I will pay him a monthly sum which works out to be about $3.50 an hour. He is worth every penny of that! He comes six days a week - Friday is his only day off. He is old and he is slow. But he is methodical and thorough. Appuk has only been working for me for three weeks, so it is too soon to give him a raise, but if he continues to do the fantastic job he's doing, I will happily pay him more in the future.

It is just so nice to finally - finally - have someone working for me that knows what they are doing and anticipates what needs done before I even have to ask!

Now, if I could just find a house-boy that could do as good of job inside my house as Appuk does outside caring for my yard and gardening...

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