Thursday, June 05, 2008

How'd I Miss This?!?

But of course its the "West's" fault? Isn't just about everything that goes wrong in the world, these days? Authorities are worried about television programming here, in The Sandbox, because "Many Arabic TV channels have started to show sexual scenes for attracting the audience. Of late, this competition has expanded to include sex education wherein sexual issues have come to be discussed live on TV giving a go-by to the society’s ethics and undermining its culture and rules." Oh. No! "TV channels are blindly adopting the Western culture..." says [no first name given] Al-Ghaleb, a "social expert." [See? It's all the West's fault.] And, he says, "Sexual issues need not be discussed on air; there are so many specialized clinics for them where these issues can be discussed in complete privacy." There are? Where?

According to Asem Al-Hakim of Sheikh Jafer Al-Tayyar Mosque, "Sexual education on TV, or even in schools is the first step toward temptation for adultery. In America, most of the girls in their early teens start sexual relations." Well, that's quite a generalization, isn't it? And your proof that most girls in their early teens start sexual relations is??? Perhaps some do, but most?!? Come on, now. But, here, where girls get married at 13, 14 and 15 years old, that isn't the same? I guess not. Mr. Al-Hakim explains why: "Early marriage is considered the only perfect way to avoid the sexual depravity."

Right now, at the article's site there are two comments posted. The first commenter says that now the "brewing of wine" is being discussed on these same channels [what channel is this, anyway?]... The second commenter, responds to Mr. Al-Hakim directly, though, and she says, "Education doesn't cause promiscuity, ignorance does!" You are sooo right, Shana!


  1. There is a general concensus amongst middle eastern people that we are all running around naked spreading our legs for the first man we meet. I think it's funny. They are the ones marrying men for money :) There is no falling in love! No passion! Just business!

  2. Oh gosh, yes, Enamorada. I thoroughly agree with you. The girls here - the teens - YOUNG teens - are the ones having sex at 13 and 14 because they "get married." And the teenage boys? Well, when you see throngs of young men - teenage boys - walking in the malls holding hands - you get the picture.

  3. Oh, and, Enamorada - In today's Saudi Gazette it was interesting that they hand-picked the first "commenter's" response to this and published it - that there was "brewing of wine" on the channel - they did NOT, however, take the second comment to publish, the one where Shana said "Education doesn't cause promiscuity, ignorance does!" Big surprise they didn't publish that one...

  4. Muslim brotherhood :) I think you should see what saudi boys do in their spare time. They drift cars.

    It's just crazy how they are so bored, they'll put their lives in danger. Can't somebody just give them a rollercoaster?

  5. I watched a whole bunch of 'em, Enamorada! The skating - umm, looks like an accident just waiting to happen. One video lead to another and another and another... driving, dancing, high school class... Thanks for the links!


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