Thursday, June 19, 2008

Slow News Day

It's the weekend. Thursday and Friday, here, are the equivalent to Saturday and Sunday in the States. Not much going on in local news.

The dust has NOT subsided. We were told the dust storm would last "until" the weekend. Doesn't that suggest that the dust storm should have been over by now? It isn't, and it is just nasty, nasty, nasty outside. All the workers outside have their faces covered with their head scarv
es and lately it is more common than not to see people wearing the white masks that doctors and nurses wear in operating rooms to protect themselves from the dust filled air, here. All of the Security men that are working at the gates to our compound have them on as well. Breathing this crap is NOT healthy. Enough is enough. I just want it to be over. Soon. The good news is that we didn't get the hurricane that was "predicted."

I am much more upset about the treatment of
the lizard in this story than the girls being frightened by it. The lizard, no doubt, was petrified! The young men were caught and will get their hands slapped and will be told not to do this again.

I "borrowed" the pictured from this site where there are a lot more pictures and information about these lizards.

Because a classmate doesn't help you cheat on an exam you stab him? Just a tad overboard, if you ask me... The "alleged culprit was arrested and is being interrogated." Confession expected momentarily...

Yep. Slow news day.


  1. Desperadoes of the Tragic Kingdom:

    He stood in the blowing dust brandishing a large, yellow lizard. "Pilgrim, i said you were gonna text me the answers!"

  2. Great job putting all "three" together, Vermindust!!!


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