Sunday, June 22, 2008

Camel Meat

We have it, here, camel meat. I do not eat meat - except for some occasional pork - and I very much doubt there will ever come the day when I try camel meat. It may be very tasty. Seems to me that somewhere I read that the first time you eat camel meat you get sick. That may just be one of those "wives tales" that gets passed around. Is there anyone, locally, who can attest to that, one way or the other? I have been told that camel milk is quite good and that camel milk makes terrific ice cream - which you can get in Bahrain - but I have not seen it in the freezer section of the grocery stores, here.

In the Saudi Gazette, today: "Meat of dead camels seized."


  1. We have camel meat here readily available in the butcher section of the grocery store as well as the milk.

    I don't have the nerve to try either. No desire to do so.

    I've heard the same thing about the first time eating the meat, but don't know if there's any truth to it.

  2. Oh, come on, L_Oman... You go first!


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