Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Unpaid Workers

What is going to be done to remedy the situation of workers going unpaid for months at a time and how is it that the Labor departments and Courts, which have had to deal with these problems for years now, are still at a loss to be able to rectify these situations? Both of today's local newspapers have reports of imported workers not getting paid their wages and/or other benefits they are due.

In one report, Nukhba House of Medical Services has not paid 55 of its workers for seven months! The workers allege that "the company required them to work for an extra year after their contracts expired, failed to pay for their tickets home, retained up to seven months' wages and did not approve exit visas." Ten of the workers have been sent home [did they get their $$$?] but 45 of them remain "stranded," and they are "suffering from hunger and depression."

The matter is being bounced from one department to another as the workers try to get some resolution. I am not familiar with how "the system" works here, but it does seem to me that somehow "the system" could be streamlined to get workers their due. And, why, when this company "has been blacklisted for their failure to honor terms of employment contracts in another case" is the company not being hauled - no, not 'politely' asked - hauled - the company's CEO - in handcuffs - before the court system or police or Labor Ministry to explain to authorities why these men have not been paid, given their other benefits and received their exit visas so that they can go home??? Seize this company's bank account or whatever other assets it may have, throw the company's principals in jail, get these workers paid and sent home, and let it serve as an example to all the rest of the company's out there who don't want to pay their workers! There. Solution found. [You're most welcome.]

In the other report "10 ambulance drivers and a number of maintenance workers and security guards at Sabt Al-Alaya Hospital went on strike... Workers allege that they have not been paid for 4 to 10 months." I just do not understand. Perhaps I never will....

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