Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Authorities in Makkah arrested a nine year old! There were some stabbings - a couple of them. "He stabbed me and he stabbed me" kind of thing. The father of the little boy has stepped up to the plate and admitted his responsibility but the story is somewhat convoluted... Someone tell me what a nine year old boy is doing with a knife?!?

This is just sad. There has got to be some agency or department or Ministry or facility that can help this family! I can understand that the family feels the need to confine their daughter/sister for protection - so that she doesn't wander off - if she is that severely afflicted with "psychological damage." But locking her in a cage is just wrong...


  1. first case sounds like america.
    2nd case is outrageous and inexcusable!

  2. Oh, yeah, it does, Greatsnake - the first case. Aren't little six and seven year old children in schools being arrested, these days, because of a politically correct society gone insane?!?

    As far as locking your, in this case, adult child in a cage, no different than that foster mother in where - Texas, maybe - that did the same thing to a whole group of kids.

    What is society, in general, ALL around the world coming to...


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