Friday, June 27, 2008

Break Time

This blog needs a three or four day break. I've got nothing positive to say, lately. It's all negative. And who needs constant negativity in their life? I need a three or four day break. Not necessarily from blogging, but definitely from here. That isn't going to happen. With the exception of a trip across the causeway to Bahrain [where life is a LOT closer to normal] occasionally, we're here in the Sandbox until the very end of the summer. I do know that I certainly need a good attitude adjustment and I've got the perfect project to work on that will demand my full attention and a great deal of time and effort.

I'm not even going to read other blogs for a couple of days - or at least I'm going to try to tear myself away from 'em - maybe allow myself a quick peak at a couple of my most favorites... From the most sane voice out there - who sees that our world is becoming one big FUBAR'd* world Weasel Zippers, and from a woman who makes me laugh Rachel Lucas. Other than those two... I'm going to set the timer in the morning - while I have my first and second cup of coffee and cigarette - for twenty-five minutes. That's it. Twenty-five minutes once a day on the computer - not much time to scan a lot of blogs - just enough to keep me abreast of what's happening in the world out there - which is so different from the world here.

That way I can get the bedroom completely redone. I am allowing myself three - at most - four days. I've got my work cut out for me, that's for sure, but I know if I put my mind to it, it will happen. I shamed myself into cleaning my garage by posting that I needed to do it. I'm going to do the same for our bedroom... And just force myself to do it. Bad knee and all! I'll just get the houseboy, gardener and pool guy to move the furniture for me.

DH has no idea that I've got someone lined up to do some "construction" work on my closet - which has already been done, once, but needs some tweaking... I've got all my sewing stuff out, right now, fabric has been cut... I need to get downtown tomorrow morning to get some paint. Today is Friday - and the day is almost over. It will be done by July 1st or at the very, very latest July 2nd! One way or another, damn it, it is going to be done!

We've got 1350 days left on the contract for us living in this house. But who is counting?!? I may as well give it my best effort and make it as livable as possible. I have got to quit dwelling on, or at least try to ignore, some of my frustrations. It certainly won't be a cure-all, but it might just help...

What I really, really need is a professional designer and the team from "While You Were Out." I have neither, so I'm just going to wing it and do it myself!

*Fucked up beyond all recognition


  1. Sabra, I'm sorry you are in a funk. We all get like this over in this part of the world, I think. For me, I usually don't blog on weekends at all. No reading, no writing, nothing.

    I hope you come back all 'wide-eyed and bushy tailed' after your construction project is over.

    Been there, done (doing) that. I totally get you. I do.

  2. Again, L_Oman, thanks for the sympathy... Yep. This place can suck the life right out of you if you don't do something to prevent it from happening.

    Construction / sewing / decorating project is well underway...

    As to whether I can return "wide-eyed and busy tailed" remains to be seen. Highly doubtful given that I can't even get paint and my frustration just festers...


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