Friday, June 20, 2008

This Page Makes Me Crazy!

Is it just me? Is it my computer? What?!? If I am using Mozilla FIrefox, nine times out of ten, if I am trying to write a post unless it is at like five in the morning, when I click on to get to my Blog, I get this:

Can't even get to my own comments, because I get the same thing...

On the other hand, if I use MSN Explorer - or whatever it is - then I CAN get to my blog and to comments, but the posts are all laid out funny and whatever I'm trying to type I have change the text half a dozen times to keep it from going to what is the standard Courier font when I want Trebuchet.

It is a no-win situation for me!


  1. I guess the problem is with the internet connection or your network settings. Check them up.

  2. Ahmed, if I had clue as to what you mean about "check them up" for my network settings, I'd do it. I am afraid I am quite "technically challenged!" As for the internet - we are going to check into another provider - someone suggested Orbit satellite DSL.


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