Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shopping in Oman

Apparently, shopping in Oman is exactly the same as shopping here! Good to know. I have never been to Oman - but it is a Country that we would like to visit. Guess I probably won't want to be going shopping, there, but I will definitely want to have lunch with L_Oman... Velveeta cheese and Cap'n Crunch, outside, in the sun...

Unfortunately, L_Oman didn't get the memo about mall rules before she embarked on her recent shopping excursion, and she had to learn first-hand that going to the mall means you:

1. Have no good reason to go to the mall.

2. Go to the said mall and park illegally. If you wanna park in handicap, ok. If you wanna park in the cart return, ok.

3. Now here's the kicker. Walk in packs slowly around the mall. Make sure your 'internal radar' that says: 'Oooh, I think this lady is in a hurry and needs to get around us!' is turned off.

4. If you have a cart (trolley), let your wreckless 8 year old push it into said woman''s achilles tendon repeatedly. And don't apologise. It doesn't hurt that bad. Besides - kids will be kids, eh?

5. To spice things up, stop dead center in the flow of traffic to greet your your cousin's best-friend's sister in-law. Give the 'bous' (kiss) to each cheek and prolongue the greeting. Ask about every cousin twice-removed and then about the other side of the family.

6. When you do finally decide to leave, make sure you leave your cart right on the above mentioned lady's car bumper. She won't mind. She loves the dents, really!

L_Oman nails it! And she describes shopping in Oman as shopping here, to the exact detail!!!


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