Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's My Fault. Damnit! It's ALWAYS My Fault!!!

My Mom, my Dad, and me at Niagra falls in August of 2006:

This year, instead of sending flowers to my Mom for Mother's Day, I sent her a pair of shoes and an outfit...

I found a gorgeous outfit for her at Coldwater Creek, which is one of her favorite stores - I looked for the outfit to post a picture of it, here, but it's already gone... It was a three-piece outfit - white pants, white
tank top, and a long-sleeved sheer white shirt with embroidered swirls in hot pink and teal. I could just picture my Mom in it and knew it would look perfect on her. She really, really liked it! And, I found the perfect matching shoes to go with the outfit. I know Mom doesn't wear stilettos, but she will wear a moderate heel so I got her these:
to go with the outfit. Summery... Bright! Fun! Nothing she would ever buy for herself - the shoes - the outfit, yes, but not the shoes. Mom was surprised when she got a box from Zappos delivered to her - they arrived before the Coldwater Creek box did - and she opened it and these shoes were in it... I was surprised she liked them! I like them. Everything fit her perfectly - the outfit and the shoes! Job well done - a perfect Mother's Day present.

But not really.

Mom called yesterday afternoon and the first thing she said was, "I just want you to know I am alright." Huh? What does that mean?!? And she told me that she had worn the outfit I bought her with the shoes to church on Sunday. She fell. She fractured her right arm in three places and will be in a full-arm cast for the next six weeks. I bought the shoes for her and it is my fault... I am sooooo sorry, Mom. Really. I am.

Next year for Mother's Day you are getting flowers. I promise.


  1. Sabs! You have lovely parents and you're a looker too, girl! :)

    Love, love, love the shoes but so sorry to hear about your mom. The poor thing! Don't be so hard on yourself - I bet the pavement was uneven or something.

  2. Why thank you, L_Oman! You are too kind!!!

    I'll be blaming myself - my two sisters and my brother are blaming me - my Mom is much, much, much to sweet to come out and tell me that she's blaming me... She will NEVER wear the shoes again, I can promise you that! And they are two and a half sizes too small for me. Yeah. Pavement or something... [Amazingly, she fell before the Service started - sat through Church - and then drove herself to the emergency room!]


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