Sunday, June 15, 2008

Selling What You Don't Need for an MRI!

We moved into this "little" house from a pretty good sized townhouse. The townhouse was nice - I really liked it for the most part - the layout - it was perfect for two people. We had a small "galley" kitchen - fine by me, a very big living room / dining room combination, good-sized den or family room, a loft which we used as the computer room, two bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms, and a postage-stamp sized yard. We lived there for over four years until we had accumulated enough points to "bid" on this house [too long of process to go into] to move to a very teeny, tiny little house because it had a pool and a yard! I'm happy - well, as happy as I'm going to be on this side of the world insofar as housing goes. We have a small house. A decent sized kitchen, an L-shaped living room / dining room combination, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. We have no storage here in the house, and only half of the closets we had at the townhouse. I cleaned the garage a month or so ago and decided that some of the stuff we had before we even moved to the Sandbox needed to go - and a few things that we've acquired since we moved here also needed to be eliminated.

We have a company website that allows us
to post items for sale - or items that someone might be looking for - it is, in essence, a type of "classified section" where you can purchase and sell things.

I'm selling a few things we brought with us that we just don't need and haven't used:

Just like with any classified type sale of an item, you want to talk someone down to a bargain. I want to feel good about getting some of my money back for something I've sold - and whoever is buying the item wants to feel like they've gotten a good deal. It can only go so far, though, as far as I'm concerned. For goodness sake, I'm selling whatever it is - NOT giving it away. [The rocking chair, butcher block TV tables and croquet set have not sold, yet...]

The bicycle sold... For SR100 - I asked SR125. We brought it over from the States. It is old. Maybe 28 or 30 years old. Nothing wrong with it. In very, very good condition. But I've not ridden it once since we got here. An Indian-ex-pat bought it. He's happy. I'm happy. SR100 is $26.80. I hope he gets many good years of use from it:

The lamps are for sale:

They weren't terribly expensive in the States, but let's face it. When you go to Home Goods or Pier I, you DO not even have the opportunity to bargain the price down. They are practically brand new! I bought them right before we learned we were going to be moving here from the States. I'm not going to give them away! Tonight I got a call on them and the man says to me, "What is your discount price?" "Umm, SR200 for both lamps IS the discount price. Find them somewhere else for a whole lot less and let me know..." He wants me to hold them until this weekend. We'll see. Again, the man asked me, "What is your best price?" "200 Riyals." "Okay, I want them. What is the discount?" "They are 200 Riyals!" In U.S. currency that is $53.61. Find TWO lamps for that price anywhere but Walmart and then come talk to me...

And, the grill:

Okay. It's not one of the master-never-burn-what-you-grill-gas grills - we do have a Gasmaster, now - but still - it wasn't free. I'm not asking that much for it. And I'm throwing in a bag of charcoal. I am asking SR80 for the grill; $21.44. A man called me tonight and asked me about the "greeeee" I am selling. What? The futon [it is black and green]. "No. The 'greeeee'." "I'm sorry. I don't understand. Spell it." "The 'G' 'R' 'E' 'E' 'EEE' to cook meats in." "Ohhh. The grill! Pardon me." "Yes. The G R E E EEE to cook meats in." "Ahhh. It is 80 Riyals." "No what is the other price?" "Umm. I'm asking 80 Riyals for it. That's pretty cheap." "What is your last price?" "80 Riyals. Go to Saco and get a grill there for less." "Oh. Okay. I will call you back." Asshole. Try to find a little Coleman grill IN THIS PART OF THE WORLD for less than $21.44! You won't!!!

I am also selling something that was absolutely perfect in the dining room at the townhouse, but overwhelms my dining room here. A mirror. It is a gorgeous mirror - not a simple mirror where you check your lipstick before you walk out the door - but a ROOM mirror - it is dominating. It is 7'3" long and 3'2" wide. It was NOT cheap. In fact, price ANY mirror this size anywhere and you'll see that they are actually quite expensive. I'm hesitant to sell it because I know I'm going to end up paying twice as much as we paid for it - if not three or four times - to replace it someday. However...

And, here's what makes this sale such a GREAT thing! The woman that called me on it wanted it sig
ht unseen - I didn't have a picture of it posted. I just described it and where it came from. She wanted it. I am asking SR1500 - which is $402.14. We talked about the mirror. She asked me if I was in a hurry for the money? Ahh. What does that mean? Do I want the money right this second? No. But if you think in your wildest dreams I'm going to let you take the mirror and make payments... No. Not happening. She said, "Can you wait until I get paid this month?" "Sure." I'll just hold onto the mirror until then. She wanted to come see it. Fine. Gave her the information and she said, "I work at the hospital. I will come as soon as I am done working." She was here 45 minutes later. "I HAVE to HAVE this mirror." "Great." "What is your best price?" "I'll tell you what. I'll give you a good deal on this mirror and lower my price if you can get my MRI scheduled." Oh my gosh. Guess what? She's getting my MRI scheduled for either this week or next - which means she gets a good deal on the mirror. I've still got the mirror and a down payment. The price doesn't go down unless I get my MRI... She said, on her way out, that she had knew people in all the right places. I'd be willing to bet that I get my MRI this week! And she'll get a good deal on a really, really nice mirror!!!

Look closely - the mirror is on the wall on the right side of the photo. Of course, I wasn't taking a picture of the mirror when I took this. I was "snapping" The Boy, playin' with his toys! Who can resist that face?!? I know I can't!

Taken the same night - The Boy and The Baby - when she was still just a Baby... My Kids...

Because they are both just so damn adorable AND lovable!!!

P.S. If anyone would like to donate to the "Kids Without Toys" fund, please contact me...

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