Monday, June 02, 2008

MSN Weather is Wrong!

MSN weather said it'd be 111 degrees out today, and 113 degrees tomorrow. Look at the current weather - it's 117 degrees outside, right now, and tomorrow has changed and will be 115 degrees out - which means - it will be at least 121 degrees. Yes. It's freakin' hot outside! All the imported "outside" workers are supposed to not have to work when the thermometer hits a certain temperature. Must be that they are allowed to not work when the thermometer hits 125 because I can see out my window that they are all workin' their butts off! Dressed in one-piece coveralls [some of them dark brown! the coveralls, that is], working on the street, repaving the road, in full sun with absolutely no shade! Tell me that's not uncomfortable on a day like today. [And, no, NOT a single one of those workers is a "local," they are ALL imported laborers!]

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