Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It IS Hot Outside!

It was too hot to work outside this afternoon, so I didn't. I'll try to make-up the time tomorrow. I just couldn't take it out there! The pool temperature is 92° which is not cool enough to be refreshing - it is more like warm bathwater - and the temperature, in the sun, this afternoon was beyond measuring:

There's a touch of humidity in the air - just enough to make it absolutely miserable outside.

Honestly, I don't know how the guys - the gardeners, the street cleaners, the construction workers - all of 'em - do it. Supposedly they are not supposed to have to work if the temperature is 5
0° [Celsius] or above - which is 122° [Fahrenheit]. That may well be true, but I bet they don't get paid if they don't work so they work and bear it. I couldn't do it. Heck. I couldn't even sunbathe today because it was too hot out - and I have a pool to cool off in.


  1. damn! thank god i'm in lovely weather :D

    btw, i found this article, thought it would be of interest to you - relates to saudis finding certain jobs beneath them:


    enjoy! : )

  2. In this week's Saudi Gazette there was an article - very "scientific" - that said, "expect the weather to be hot for July and August." Yeah. Guess we can pretty much count on that.

    Thanks for the article from Gulf News, R. Didn't see it in either of our papers. Whether it will encourage young Saudis to go out and get "entry level," or jobs they view as menial remains to be seen.

  3. Oh man. It's humid here. Like 75% humid. Combine that with the heat and it's just miserable.

    I don't know how the workers do it, I really don't. Just breathing is a task for me when I go out. Walking does me in.

    I just want to sit outside on the veranda and drink a nice big glass of iced-tea but it will be months before I can do that.

    Stay cool, Sabra!

  4. Combine ALL of that - heat, humidity... and put it under a black hefty bag if you need to leave your compound. Nice... [Torture is what it is! Torture, I tell you!!!]


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