Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Want some cheese with that whine?!?

Wah, wah, wah. Bunch of whinny crybabies here, I tell 'ya.

Read this. Absurd. Just can't even be "sensitive" to this sort of crap, anymore. Annoyed? Yes.

Not that I will shop in the lingerie stores here, anyway, so it won't much matter to me if they close them down or put big black curtains over their store front windows. I will go to the lingerie stores in Bahrain or Dubai or in just about any other country but this one. Even if you wanted to spend your money at La Perla or LaSenza it would be pointless, here. [The lingerie in these stores is expensive!] You can't try anything on - there are no fitting rooms - that would be "haram." [Not allowed. Very bad.] I'm sure I've blogged about needing a nude colored strapless bra. I went to LaSenza in one of our local malls, told the guy working there - there are NO women working in the stores - what I needed and he told me that he didn't have it, but instead offered another size and told me that it was the same. No. It's not. Then told me that I could buy the bra and take it to the mall ladies room to try it on and if it didn't fit I could return it. Too much of a pain in the ass for me. And, by the way, it was far too expensive for a one-time wearing. I wore a white strapless bra, instead, one that I already owned and bought a nude colored one in the States.

Anyone want to bet that the lingerie stores here either get closed down or are soon forced to black-out their windows? After all, we can't have families trotting through the malls seeing "provocative underwear displayed on mannequins ... erotic pieces of clothing." Oh my! Not that! "The vulgar display is embarrassing." Give it a break!

The stores that are being complained about are La Perla and LaSenza. They are as prominent in the malls, here, as Victoria's Secret is in the States. There may be a couple of others. I tried to get to their web-sites to post links, but can't. They are all blocked so as not to offend my very sensitive eyes!


  1. I so miss VS. I miss how it smelt, I miss how it was calming, I miss the dressing rooms. I miss the perfume. Did I say I miss VS?

    Over at 'other oman' blog, the blog writter talks about how she had some stuff from VS delivered here - check her out!

  2. Do you miss VS, I_Oman?

    I've had quite a few shipments sent here, I_Oman [go back through my archives - even - quite by accident got ONE catalog delivered!!!]. When I can actually get to the site, I shop there. They deliver internationally - you do pay a small fortune for shipping, but since there is no alternative... Just the cost of living in The Sandbox.

    You're in Oman - do they consider VS catalogs to be pornographic, there? They do, here. Send me the link to "Other Oman's blog, please.


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