Monday, June 23, 2008

Calling B.S. on This!

Guess every once in a while there has to be a "feel good makes you all warm and fuzzy" report story written about the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice. But I'm calling bull-shit on this. It is my opinion that this is just a disgruntled woman who took it upon herself to get authorities involved to get some poor guy in trouble. And I can't muster up any sympathy for her, at all. If you are foolish enough to have allowed yourself to be black-mailed for FOURTEEN years and scammed out of 800,000 Riyals you need to be wearing a big scarlet "S" on your "hijab," for "STUPID!"

Think about it - FOURTEEN YEARS! 800,000 Riyals is $214,477.21! She allowed herself to be "black-mailed" to the tune of $15,319.80 a year for a decade and a half. Stupid. No doubt about it.

The story says that the woman gave some man she had never met a picture of herself - and then he used that picture to black-mail her by threatening to tell her family of that the two were carrying on an "illicit" relationship. We need to see that picture... What, did she pose full-out spread-legged naked or something? Then, she was foolish enough to send a man she supposedly had never met a video of herself, too? Make that two big scarlet "S's" on her hijab - for Super Stupid! And just how do you give someone your ATM card without ever meeting that person? The article says, "the man made the woman hand him her ATM card." Doesn't that imply that the two had to come face-to-face with each other? Who hands over their ATM card to someone they've never met [???] unless they are facing imminent danger and in fear of life-threatening physical harm?!?

Nah. The man involved here, whose intentions may have been noble some FOURTEEN years ago, has decided that the woman involved is not worthy of his attentions any longer because she is "Super Stupid," and now the woman is upset over being "dumped" so she is accusing him of black-mail. That's what this is all about...


  1. I'm calling BS on this too. It is the kind of propaganda we have come to expect from the CPVPV after they have come under increased scrutiny in the media.

  2. So, do you think it is a woman scorned, then, Ahmed? Just seems like there has to be a lot more to this story - the woman was blackmailed for 14 years!!!

  3. poor guy!!!!! sorry..although nothing gets on my nerves more than CPVPV and i personally had many fights with them, and although that women is beyond stupid and she got her self into this..but im sorry that is not a poor guy and that a**hole should rot in hell.
    the thing is that yes..there r some of them who r actually helpful..a girl who was blackmailed for not agreeing on having a sexual relationship with a guy who she rejected as a husbend got what she wanted.she called CPVPV explained what happend they helped her..they guy was caught when she arranged a meeting with him (cuz she said that she is willing to do what he wants)..the original pictures were restored and he got what he deserved.but im sorry for once the CPVPV are actually doing something not defending them but its very important that sometimes we should talk about posatives just as much as negatives.

  4. Okay, Mahawi, maybe "poor guy" was wrong... But, seriously, doesn't the woman, here, have to assume SOME of the responsibility for this situation? I mean, after all, she gave him a picture, then a video, and her ATM card! And after FOURTEEN years she decides she's had enough and sics the CPVPV on him. Shouldn't she have called the CPVPV about thirteen and a half years ago?!?

    And, by the way, I thoroughly agree that it is important to talk about positives as well as the negatives...

  5. scarlet SS on her scarf i think is fit to describe her ;)

    this is the outcome of an arabic culture that pays soo much attention to marriage.. if you're 25 and still single geez thats a HUGE problem! and so you end up having girls who would do anything that they believe would lead to marriage.. this lady in the story is a perfect example..

    I wouldn't entirely say its BS, I come from the region and I do know for real many stories like this.. but 14 years I've never heard of, she must've been really desperate!

    And one more thing, a lot of times what happens, the girl doesn't meet the guy, she leaves whatever she wants at the small coldstore around the corner and he picks it up and vice versa just to avoid being caught since you must know what happens if you do get caught meeting a guy in public red handed!

    I'm not defending her, i still think she is very stupid.. marriage is sooo overrated in our part of the world, and i think if they stress less over it we can have a more productive society.. instead just let be and enjoy life with what you have!

  6. Interesting viewpoint, R. Hadn't given it much thought from the "marriage," aspect.

    I do realize that marriage is important, here, though, and I myself am guilty of meeting co-workers of my DH, who are Saudi, and when I find out that they are not married have said, "Oh my! Isn't your Mother working on that for you?" I do know that one man DH works with is getting a lot of pressure from his family to get married but he hasn't found the "perfect" woman yet, and is having too much fun being single for the time being.

  7. Yeah we do get a lot of pressure from family, refer to my blog and you might see some examples ;) everytime a wedding passes and when i give my congrats everyone prays i'm next and i think did i ever complain about being single to you guys?! lol

    but yeah what she did, was purely because of the promise of marriage and when it finally hit her thick head that that man won't be giving her a rock anytime soon or knocking on the door thats when she realized how stupid she was and decided to take matters into her own hand.. trust me this happens ALL the time, sometimes even worse, but never gets published!

  8. Yes sabra i agree.i mean the fact that what this man did was beyond evil ..but that women was very stupid and actually i dont sympathies with her that much cuz i do believe that ppl contribute alot to their miseries .so i place 99.9% blame on her
    but for the record that approach of the is actually new.threteen years ago if she called them.they would crucify her

  9. Oh my gosh, R, you're NOT married? Perhaps we could fix you up with the co-worker of DH's who is getting pressure from his family... Tell you what. You give me a picture, a video tape, and your ATM card and I'll get cracking on it for you! I think I can make it happen in four and a half years for only half of what "Miss SS" paid. Kidding, R. Just kidding...

  10. Please tell me Mahawi that thirteen years ago they were NOT stoning women HERE for things like this! Hadn't considered that she would become the victim twice - once by the guy that blackmailed her, and then again by the CPVPV!

  11. LOOOOOOOOOOOOL Sabra you cracked me up!

    but this time lets make the men pay up ;)

    just j/k but you know what, that really does happen in the UAE.. You get women in the malls who dump all their shopping on the man and tell him he better pay up or else they're gonna make a scene and say that the guy harassed them... Guess what happens, the man not wanting to attract attention pays up.. So next time you see a pair of loubotins you love or a lovely balenciaga bag, you know what to do ;)

    and sabra, trust me women have come a long way these last 10 years all over the gulf not just Saudi!

  12. Shoes, R?!? Shoes?!? I match Imedla with her shoe collection. I'll do just about anything for shoes, and I've just sold you, Honey. Sold. You!!!! By the way, his name is SA__H and he's tall, dark and handsome [he really, really is!], and his Mom wants to see him married, soon! Oh, and by the way... By the way, you now owe me $100,000 or I post your picture and video all over the 'net. Plus, I want your ATM card! Sold. Sister. Sold! LOOOOOOOL!!!

  13. Shit. Now the CPVPV is gonna' be knocking at my door! Thank goodness I have a Great Dane and a standard Poodle to protect me. Just kidding, R. Really. Just kidding!!!


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