Monday, June 16, 2008

Pure Placation and a Fading Tan

The official "start of summer" is the reason we've experienced - for the entire last week, if not longer - a dust storm. Gimme a break! We did not have a two and a half week dust storm last summer to usher in the summer season; and it didn't happen the year before that or the year before that. The dust storm is expected to last until the weekend. Nice. It is a mess out there - you can feel it as soon as you walk outside. Breathing it... In your eyes... On your teeth... Nasty, is what it is.

Our pool? It is just one big mud-puddle!

Trust me, you don't want to get in it. Our guy comes and cleans it every other day, but within an hour it is a mess, again. [We need to check into getting one of the "Creepy Crawly" pool vacuums...] But, since you don't want to be outside in this crap anyway... My tan is fading. Fast.

The report, here, on the "Dust storm hits Eastern Province" is pure placation... offering absolutely nothing by way of scientific explanation. And, although I didn't need to read the article to know that we should stay inside - The Boy has dust allergies - he is absolutely miserable right now with the amount of sand in the air - we are going to do just that. Stay inside.

I will add, however, that these dust storms are one of the reasons that we all want, have, and need household help. The dust is so fine that it comes in through the windows, cracks in doors and through the air-conditioning vents, coating every piece of furniture and surface in your house with a fine gray film, necessitating constant cleaning. Constant. Just downright ugly! Inside, but much, much worse outside.

[This would have been posted yesterday when it was written if Blogger would have let me upload photos! Sometimes working with this blogging program is nothing but a pain in the ass.]

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