Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I am sick and tired of the TITS that surround me!!!

You have absolutely NO IDEA how tired I am with this kind of shit. Why the hell does the company who owns this compound put up with this kinda crap?!? Oh. We All Know Why. People are just too chicken shit to face it. I can kiss this Blog goodbye. You want to raise little terrorists in training - TITS - that's your deal. But I'm done trying to deal with 'em. And I deal with 'em on a daily basis. "Oh. What. Someone barked at you dog?!? Gee. Sorry." No. Someone threatened my dog. Asshole. Big. Fuckin ' Difference. Good Fucking Grief. I really should be publishing this post somewhere else. I'll probably get censored and deleted by doing it here. And IP 212.76.72, I don't give a rats ass what you think and no one else does either, do not come here if you don't want to read about me bitching. Today I choose to bitch and complain about the Saudi boys that live here. Quite frankly - if you have more than four kids - you shouldn't be allowed to live here. There are only a few houses that have more than four bedrooms. You choose to breed like rabbits - that's your business - but you should NOT be allowed to live here! I am going to end up being the meanest, most prejudiced person in the world by the time I am done here. When I get back to the States I will end up getting arrested for hate crimes because if you are a Saudi boy I will just hate you. Truly, I will harbor feelings I didn't even know were possible to have until I ended up having a gazillion Saudi boys as neighbors. The house down the street - is the worst offender. There have got to be eight kids in that house. Four of them are boys. I have called Security again and again and complained about them. Nothing is done about it. They are allowed to be little hellions and that is just fine as far as this community is concerned. Whatever they do - legal or not [firecrackers are illegal here - but it is okay for them to set them off at 5:30 in the morning! no one else could get away with it - but this household of hellions can!] - they continue to be allowed to do it. The boys that live there are beyond disrespectful. They are deviants! Someone needs to be keeping a close eye on them. Honestly. I should have done my homework before leaving the townhouse to move to his house. All because I wanted a yard for the Kids and a pool. Had I of known that I was going to be surrounded by hoards of Saudi boys - we NEVER would have moved here. I would have stayed at the townhouse with NO yard and no pool. This culture IS different. I realize that more and more every day. I came here with an open mind. I will be leaving with an incredibly closed one - provided I still have it - my mind, that is - if I don't go absolutely bonkers before that. Are they all bad? No. Of course they aren't. That'd be like saying all the kids in Los Angeles are bad - they aren't - just the "gangs" are. But there are a LOT of bad kids here. Correction. There are a lot of bad BOYS here. The girls aren't allowed out of their houses. It is amazing how little boys are treated here - like they truly are kings or something - they are treated much, much differently than the way little girls are treated. And you can't tell me that it is NOT going to be a problem for them later on down the road... They are going to be trouble for this society. Yes. They are. This society - this culture - needs to reign them in now. And that's not going to happen. I'm not angry at Security. Security really does try to do their job - and yes, I believe their hands are tied. I can report the boys and report the boys and nothing - NOTHING - is going to change or happen. They will be allowed to live down the street and continue to terrorize me and my Kids. We were invited to move here. We were asked. We did not beg to come here. In fact, my DH after having been here as a contractor for some seven months decided that he didn't want to be here. The company begged him. We came. We were told that this was an American compound. It used to be. It isn't any more. It is a compound - but there are more Saudis that live on the compound than Americans. Perhaps it was an experiment of sorts. Bring two cultures together. It isn't working. Every day more and more women are out and about totally covered, head-to-toe, in black. What the hell are you doing here, then? Just move to Khobar. The separation issues have been forced on the rest of us - different areas for men and women - from "public" and recreational spaces right down to the clinic where there are separate waiting rooms for men and women. And I can't even get an appointment at the clinic because all of the company's employees dependents can be treated there - no matter if you have four wives and dozen kids - they're still dependents - so I have to wait for a month to get an appointment to get my bad knee looked at. Yes. I am frustrated. But the icing on the cake was when The Baby was threatened. Stay away from me. And do NOT come near my Kids. I will not leave the house again without my phone. If you even so much as walk on the same side of the street with me I am taking your picture and going straight to Security with it. I'm just venting. My thoughts aren't even clear because I'm so angry. I need a vacation from this place. It is time. You can only take so much. I don't know if I'll be able to wait until September. I would be thrilled to pack my suitcase and get on the plane tonight, but that would mean the Kids would be here without Mommy for far too long and the Saudi boys cannot be trusted...


  1. Are there other compounds that are more American???

  2. Nothing like this one, Laura. But there is one that is a lot less populated and almost all Westerners that we might consider in three and a half years. We are locked into the contract for this house until then. March 9, 2012! That's only 1351 days...

  3. If I lived out there I'd keep you company and help protect your kids :), we could get water pistols and see if the little devils will melt like the wicked witch.

    Before I told you to just feel sorry for these crazies, and you explained to me why you can't. How are you going to get through it to 2012?

  4. wow - that's a long contract for a house! do you think you could arrange a trade - like maybe with somebody where you used to live that dreams of a yard and a pool?
    the problem with helion kids is that when you react, they love it and just get worse each time!
    i'd be angry and frustrated too, but don't let a bunch of brats have the power to make you hate.

  5. I need to get a water pistol, Enamorada - but to shoot the birds off my flowers [as if that would stop them!]. Trust me if I aimed it at one of the little TITS I would be the one to get in trouble and it is just not worth it.

    Only 1350 days... Somehow I am just going to have to "woman up" and do it.

  6. Five year contracts, Greatsnake. We signed it. My fault for NOT doing my homework. We actually have friends that used to live in the cul-de-sac behind us and they moved BECAUSE of the kids. We're not talking little kids - we're talking adolescent kids. They can do NO wrong in the eyes of everyone here. I didn't "hate" anyone until the incident with my Baby the other night. Dislike, yes. Hate is a very strong word. I need to regroup and stick to angry and frustrated... We'll see how that works.


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