Monday, June 09, 2008


So this guy has served three times his prison term. Only a year's sentence for "sexually harassing his daughters" and "possession of drugs?" Guess the nationality... When it is not specified, the nationality, you know a "local" is involved. If this case involved an "outsider" his name and nationality would be in the first paragraph of the article AND he would have been sentenced to life in prison for "sexually harassing his daughters," but executed for possession of drugs - before he could serve his life sentence - regardless of what the evidence was, or lack of evidence, as in this case.

One more reason to not eat meat...

Six Saudi nationals, whose names are not reported, have been arrested for raping an Indonesian woman. Wonder what their punishment will be? And will she be punished, with jail time and lashings, as well?

And, proving my point about "guessing the nationality" and whether or not the names of "criminals" will be reported, this man, Sohail Akhtar, an Asian expatriate, has been arrested for selling abortion pills. Note that the article also has a little blurb about two Saudi men being arrested for murder - their names are NOT provided...


  1. Not sure if you eat the stuff, but apparently FDA has 'flagged' all tamarind products due to FILTH. Blech.

    And to my horror, we sometimes use the stuff to marinate meat. Ugh, Ugh, Ugh.

  2. I had to do a search to find out what tamarind even is! So, no, don't eat it - except that it is a main ingredient in Worcestershire sauce (who knew?!?). We don't use much of that... And now, won't be using it at all. Thanks, I_Oman!

  3. "The warehouse was being run by Asian workers." In english we make a distiction between workers and management, so i wonder if "run by" means that the asian drones were on the site doing their jobs while Management was far away. Perhaps this is a nuance of language, but the rest of the post suggests that the actual owner of Rancid Meat Unlimited might be an un-named Local fellow.

  4. Very, very possibly, Vermindust. Another one, today, says just what you suggested:


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