Thursday, June 19, 2008

Two Saudi Women's Views on Society

Here is an article from today's Saudi Gazette, "Saudi women have different views on society." It doesn't, in my opinion, cover any of the real issues facing women here, and it is not particularly well written. [The Saudi Gazette could benefit from having someone proof-read their articles before sending them to print... I'd be willing to do it from the comfort of my own home... Negotiable salary and driver required...]

The first question, asked of two Saudi women, was whether Saudi Arabia is a perfect place. One answered that there is nothing to do here but eat and sleep. The other said, "There is no question of liking or not... Is there any country on this earth that is perfect?" She's got a point, there.

The article covers, albeit barely and superficially, education and marriage.

One of the women shares the same opinion about shopping, here, that I have, and said:

"She hated going shopping in Saudi Arabia... and said all her shopping for the whole year is done in Dubai." She also goes "to Bahrain every other weekend."

When asked about vacationing in Saudi Arabia, one woman just laughed... And the other said, "Tourism inside Saudi Arabia will probably take forever to get off the ground because of all the restrictions on movements and lack of proper groundwork in tourism." I can think of a lot of places I would like to vacation or visit. Even before moving here, Saudi Arabia was not on my list, and now that I live here, would I ever recommend vacationing here? Visiting maybe. But NEVER vacationing!


  1. I've always wanted to visit Saudi Arabia, just because I can't believe how crazy it is and I want to see it with my own eyes.

    The ladies they interviewed actually seemed down to earth!

    Any word on those two lamps?

  2. "The blonde-haired, brown-skinned young woman" Someone saw her hair? And blond on dark skin!? Eeek! What a sight!

  3. Enamorada - You can come stay here! I actually need a "sitter" for a month... The Kids are going to have to go to Canine Camp and they HATE it there. Such if life.

    The lamps are still sitting on my dining room table. I probably screwed myself, but the guy just really, really pissed me off - and the icing on the cake was that he came when we were trying to eat dinner!

    Umm. I guess I would be an "eeek." I have blonde hair and dark skin - yes, it is dark because I have a tan that I spend hours maintaining, but it is quite dark. [It fades fast - I go completely WHITE - the color of sheets, chalk, paste - white - in the winter!]

  4. Oops. "Such if life." Should be "Such IS life."


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