Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My own personal troll!

Anyone remember those troll dolls - we're going way back - way, way back... Gosh, to the late 60's or early 70's! [Oops. Early 60's! What?!?] They were little plastic dolls with "buggy" eyes and neon colored hair; short, squat and ridiculously dressed. Apparently, somewhere along the way, I have acquired one...

He/she has decided to come here for a "moan fest" but doesn't dare reveal his/her identity and hides behind his/her comments using the oh-so-creative "Anonymous" to give his/her viewpoint:

"I have never seen a blog as miserable as this. It seems you have nothing better to do than complaining and who gives a shhh about your Evian. I think you should have more understanding for people who maybe unqualif
ied who work in these crappy jobs to make some money.
As a matter of fact why don't you look for a job cuz you ain't any better than the lady working on the register."

Which was posted as a comment to this.


"Here we go again....
Another bitching spree!
Who is forcing you to stay in the eastern province. Seems like nothing is good enough for you. Whats keeping you in the eastern province? You don't wanna go back to the trailer trash life? Attitudes like this make me sick to the stomach."

Which was a comment to this.

Couldn't have made him/her that "sick to the stomach." He/she hung around for 44 1/2 minutes:

Whatever. It had to happen sooner or later. And now, he/she gets his/her minute and a half of "fame." If you want to call it that. And he/she is welcome to give his/her opinion if he/she can't find anything better to do such as starting their own blog to post his/her opinions on life and the way things are here or anywhere else, or playing in traffic, which was my recommendation to "my neighbor," the "anonymous," disgruntled, troll...


  1. You know what Sabra? Blow them a kiss and be done with it. Spread the love!

    People just can't deal with the truth. Ugh.

  2. Doing it, I_Oman, spreading the love, that is...

  3. I like to swear at them. I don't know why, but there is something deeply satisfying about giving a troll the Virtual F*off.

    Also, I have blocked anon comments until the slower and stupider ones learn to give themselves a nickname.


  4. Will have to play with Blogger some more to do this Suburban. Tried to do it earlier - but it didn't quite set it up like I wanted and I really don't want to have to have anyone register or go through all that crap if I can help it. Not like there is an abundance of comments. When I first started doing this Blog - had to delete one jerk and then turn comment moderation on. Don't want to have to do that, either, but... I have his/her IP number - and far as I'm concerned whoever it is can just go ahead and make a complete ass of themself.

  5. Yeah - suburban likes the F-bomb a whole bunch. She's such a lady!

    Mwwwwah, Subs! HA.

  6. Umm... Know what? I use it a lot too, L_Oman. Suburban is not alone. Then I try to remember that occasionally my Mother reads this!

  7. I liked your blog, I liked the way you write so much. wow I think I've been here for like an hour, I need a nap :p

    keep it up :)


  8. Why, thank you Mona! And please feel free to stop by any time...

  9. Ok, Ok. I use the F bomb too.


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