Sunday, June 08, 2008

What TV show was HE watching?!?

Blame the West. Probably it’s out fault. Somehow. It always is. But you have to wonder exactly what television show this teenager [not "boy!"] was watching that he "tied a rope around his neck, hung himself from a tree "trunk," and failed to untie himself?" Are they playing reruns of "Jackass" on one of the stations, here? What other television shows are on that show people doing stupid stunts that you should not try at home? "Mythbusters?!?" I actually watch "Mythbusters" occasionally, which is broadcast, here, but I've never seen either Adam or Jamie try to suspend themselves from a "tree trunk" with a rope tied around their neck! There's more to the this than what is being reported in the paper... A typical fifteen year-old isn't "playing" on a tree trunk with a rope! Only one thing comes to mind, and it's not suicide. I don't even know what it is called when people do this [wait - now I know what it's called - it's called "erotic asphyxiation," thanks to Wikipedia]. Really? They show this kind of stuff on television?!?


  1. My goodness, that wikipedia link! One link led to another, and now I know a whole lot of things I never thought I would know. How did you draw this conclusion?

  2. Honestly, Enamorada, I have no idea what made me say, "Hmmph. I bet he was..."

    True story: About a year after we got here there was a "suicide," in a house not far from ours. Yellow police tape up around it, etc. This is a very small community. The "rumor" of how the guy died spread quickly... Anyway, we have a good friend who is a big-wig in the Security department. He confirmed the rumor of how the poor guy died... Not pretty.

    I saw a show on 20/20 or one of those programs - Dateline, probably - I don't think we get 20/20 over here and we do get Dateline - about teens "playing" some choking/strangulation "game," and erotic asphyxiation was covered. Just one of those things you remember because it is so strange!

    How many 15 year old boys do you read about that are "playing" on a tree trunk with a rope?

    I will admit it took me a bit of time to find what I was looking for, though, having no idea what "it" was called...


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