Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Serving Burgers

Why wasn't this in either of our local newspapers? It certainly should have been. It is much more newsworthy and would have taken up less space than an article in the Saudi Gazette that said "expect hot weather during the months of July and August." [No shit! Really? Hot weather in the summer in Saudi Arabia. Pretty much common knowledge; not news.]

There is a new burger-joint in Jeddah, where Saudi Labor Minister, Dr. Gazi Al Gosaibi, "acted as a waiter after opening Federex, the first hospitality restaurant managed and employed by Saudi youths." I couldn't find anything about Federex - but for the article from Gulfnews. If anyone in Jeddah reads this check it out and let me know what you thought of the place - how it is run, how the food is, and whether you can get a decent milkshake there.

Saudi Jeans has a picture! And the restaurant is Fuddruckers.

H/T: R [Thanks!]


  1. Now that says a whole bunch! Wow. I think it's cool!

  2. It's a start, L_Oman. Baby steps... Baby steps...

  3. i wonder if the restaurant name was lost in translation? so its actually fudds?

    and you're welcome!

  4. Perhaps, R, perhaps. I took it from the article you sent - then found out it was Fuddruckers. Maybe that's the name they "incorporated" under. It is a franchise, privately owned, I think... But, yes, Fuddruckers...


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