Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Another Maid - Brutally Raped!

Just sickening. That is all that can be said. And no arrests have been made? Didn't anyone see anything - the maid being abducted? a license plate? This poor maid was taking out the garbage when she was overpowered and abducted and brutally raped until she was bleeding and unconscious by seven men. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know - it was probably her fault for not being covered head-to-toe in her abeya and veil, right?


  1. you know the way that story reads, it sounds as though its a major inconvenience for these embassies to have to look after those poor maids....

    Gill from Canada

  2. It probably is, Gill. But then the solution would be for countries to stop sending maids - and not only do the workers depend on the $$$, but the countries do, as well, for the $$$ that the maids and laborers send back to be spent there.


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