Thursday, July 24, 2008

Being Greatful

There is a really good letter in today's Arab News that I sincerely hope will be read by everyone, here, in The Sandbox. Only the writer's first name is given, Areola, and she/he is from Riyadh. Here is the letter:

Don’t be ungrateful

Have you Saudis ever felt what it is to work as a laborer in the scorching heat and harsh winters of this country?

So be thankful to the Palestinian, Egyptian and Pakistani laborers for their contribution to this country’s development. Have you ever imagined how all these wide roads in the Kingdom are being maintained and all the garbage is being disposed of no matter how rough the weather? Have you ever noticed these poor sweepers eating on the roadside without washing their hands, as they satisfy their hunger after long hours of work? So be thankful to the Bangladeshis for keeping this country clean.

Go to any restaurant/hotel; you will be served with the dish of your choice. Again thank all those workers from neighboring Arab countries, as they serve you with a smile on their face regardless of the low salaries that often are not paid on time.

Look around yourself and see how foreign drivers, salesmen, watchmen, mechanics, electricians, plumbers, swimming pool cleaners, tea boys, nurses, cooks, hairdressers and dressmakers work day in and day out to make your lives comfortable.

Only in Saudi Arabia will you find nobody but foreigners doing all such work. Go to England: You will find British road cleaners, sweepers, salesmen, nurses, truck drivers, waiters and even laborers working with other nationalities. If the Saudis don’t want to join them, at least they should appreciate their services and sacrifices.

Well said!

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