Sunday, July 06, 2008

Paint Samples

Will I get the other two quarts of paint I asked Rev to get me? It is still early. Only eight o'clock. He promised me he would drop them off yesterday at lunch time - and I talked to him TWICE yesterday morning. This compound needs just a couple more general all around handy-men like Rev. Competition might not be a bad thing. Today is Sunday. If I don't get my paint then I'm not going to be able to decide what color I need and the bedroom won't get painted on Thursday. Do I really believe that the construction is going to take place on Wednesday and the painting on Thursday, anyway? No. Not really. But I have to hope... I will call him on DH's cell phone. He jumps for DH. For me? No. Not so much. Even better - I will have DH call him and then I'll have my paint before lunch time!

This is the sample that I thought would be just perfect, that the asshole at Jotun's wouldn't mix for me last week, that Rev got for me:

The bedroom would become a cave. It is just too dark. Perfect color, but not right for a room that has very little natural light.

I tried to post this earlier, but Blogger wouldn't let me upload the picture so I walked away and left it... And now...

Where are my damn paint samples? I have tried to call Rev all day. I know he has caller I.D. and I know he saw the call coming in - and didn't answer. So, with each call I make to his cell phone, the more frustrated I get because I don't have my paint. I even called him twice from DH's cell phone so Rev would see that number instead of our house phone number, and still no answer! Of course I'm only thinking of myself, as usual, because it really is all about me. Rev called me a half an hour ago. He was admitted to the hospital today. Don't I feel like a real heel?!? Something about his gallbladder and they are going to do another ultrasound and keep him overnight for observation. Apparently he has been in so much pain the past couple of days that he's been doubled over and finally just couldn't take it anymore and finally went to go see the doctor and wound up in bed in the hospital.

But, but, but... What about MY plans?!? What about my paint? Is the construction on the bedroom and closet going to happen on Wednesday and Thursday as planned? Damn it, Rev, this couldn't happen to you next week after you finish the work I want you to do? Yes, part of me actually wishes that. The other part of me - the more rational and sane part that doesn't appear often enough - wishes him a speedy recovery from whatever it is that is ailing him.


  1. I agree - the color is dark. However......

    Have you thought of doing just one wall in that color and then do a taupe like color on the other walls? It could be an accent wall! We did that in several rooms in our house and it really gave it character!

  2. I did that in our house in NC, and it did look fabulous, L_Oman. And, yes, I actually could do one wall in the dark... And now that I think about it, I just might! I really, really like the color, so doing one wall could work and work well... Now the wheels are turning again. Thanks!

    Oh, and just because you mentioned "taupe," did you look at all the choices I put on the living room walls before I selected the color? And it is all wrong. I'll repaint the living room when we get back from vacation... Can't deal with anything more than just getting ONE room done - which should have been done last week - but now won't be done until??? It is no wonder that my frustration level is sky-high!


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