Thursday, July 03, 2008

Maid Commits Suicide

I am NOT going to blame the sponsor / employer for this. Fathima Fazmila likely had a whole lot going on in her personal life long before she arrived to work, here.

The woman was young, 24 years old, and had recently divorced. Did she have children? The article doesn't say. Perhaps she thought that by coming here to work in the capacity of domestic help she could start anew...

Forget the fact that a sponsor / employer paid 8000 SR; that is only $2,144.77. Not quite a "drop in the hat," but not an exorbitant amount, either.
Yes, perhaps her new employer, in that six days time, was abusive insofar as requiring too much work, or long hours, or whatever... But I would be more inclined to think that coming here, with "baggage" of any sort, no matter who you are or what you are going to be doing, is just the wrong thing to do. Life here can be difficult enough, especially if you are a woman. If you have "baggage," life here IS going to be impossible.

The deputy general manager of Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment, L.K. Ruhunuge, says that "relatives should be careful not to send mentally distressed people abroad for employment. They should not only be physically fit to work in their overseas stations but also they must be mentally apt to adapt themselves to the alien environment."


  1. I'm having trouble loading arab news. There really should be more care in screening maids that come here. But I've seen maid after maid being pushed by family to come and work here even when they didn't want to. Sad..

  2. It all comes down to the mighty dollar, Nzingha. Everybody wants one. Whether or not someone will be able to "mentally adapt" is completely void in that equation. I agree that there should be some way of screening help.

    The company my DH works with does an incredibly thorough job screening - for everything! And, although I personally wasn't given a "test" that I can recall to determine whether or not I would be able to "mentally adapt," [just as a spouse, and not as an employee!] I suspect that because the screening process is as thorough as it is, with the face-to-face interviews and orientation [for both the employee and employee's spouse], that the company has incorporated into that process some factor to make such a determination... [So, then, my excuse would be???]

    Beautiful princesses you have! The photo showing your littlest princess who "wasn't tired" is priceless.

  3. fuck u author of this peice, ofcoutrse it is 99% most likely probablity speaking that this death/suicide was coz of the sponsor family, u guys are the biggest pieceof shit evil shaytan in this earth....u will all pay dearly in hell whoever has done evil!


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