Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Summer Work Hours

This says that this is a new regulation; I've read it before, somewhere, so it is not "new" new. But, it does confirm that workers are to be allowed to not have to work in the "scorching sun." What the not "new" new regulation doesn't say, however, is whether the workers will be paid their utterly measly wages if they do not get their hours in. Based on the fact that it doesn't say one way or another, I'd be willing to venture a guess that if the workers don't get their eight or ten daily hours in, then they will not get paid.

"The ministry has warned that it would penalize the firms forcing their employees to work in open areas under the scorching sun." Um-hmm. That "there would be strict penalties for violators." Yep. Sure there will be. Sure. "Violating the new regulations may also result in the cancellation of commercial licenses." Okay then. Since we all know that that is never going to happen...

Problem ALL solved.

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