Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Walk Outside - Get Wet

The humidity is almost unbearable. The workers, outside, have GOT to be suffering in this. It is just plain nasty outside. It is bad. Really, really bad. I spent all of yesterday afternoon in the pool almost fully immersed. Even though the water temperature was 94° - it was still cooler than the air.

I tried to get The Baby in the pool with me. She's a Standard Poodle for goodness sake - a water dog - bred to swim! She wanted nothing to do with it and wrapped her front legs/paws around my neck and hind legs/paws around my waist and wasn't letting go for all the chicken "chewies" or tennis balls in the world. She wanted nothing to do with it. Instead she chose to run circles around the edge of the pool and bark at me. Too hot outside for that, Pretty Princess!

Today is stifling. Just stifling. No need to get in the pool to get wet. Just walk outside. Our morning "jaunt" in ten minutes is going to be miserable for all three of us! But it must take place. Why, oh why, oh why don't I live in San Francisco where it would be "acceptable" to go for a walk naked? Never mind. At least I don't have to wear my abeya when I walk around the compound with The Kids.

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