Thursday, July 17, 2008


Six tons of chicken has been confiscated by municipality inspectors. How much is a ton? Isn't that 2000 pounds??? Six tons would be 12,000 pounds of chicken. That IS a LOT of chicken.

Lady, your seventeen year-old son IS to big to play in the children's play area at the mall. Actually, there is no mention of this woman's son's age. A woman at a mall in Riyadh went ballistic and starting assaulting security staff with her shoe when told that her son might be too tall for the play area. Then she "panicked" and ran from Security, leaving her son behind.

Can't "you" just leave people alone?!? Really. The fact that a "guest worker" here had a tatoo on his arm that said "Lady Hunter" is no reason to have him deported, is it? Yeah. In a logic-free zone [here!], I guess it is. A Filipino worker in his 30's was arrested by the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice after a Saudi Electricity Company employee noticed the "tat" on the guy's arm. The Saudi Electricity Company worker "tailed him back to his residence" and informed the religious police. Whatever.


  1. But if they guy was American he would have never been deported. How much ya wanna bet that the 'employee'was saudi and pissed at the filipino and the mutawwa were all to happy to help out

  2. No, American's get a pass, for the most part. I guess I should be thankful for that!

    No need to place any bet, here, Nzingha, you are likely right on the money, already, with the conclusion you have.


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