Monday, July 21, 2008


It was hot and sunny yesterday; it will be hot and sunny, today and tomorrow. I like "hot and sunny." Yesterday, though, the humidity moved in. We get a few weeks of it during July and August, every year. The humidity makes it almost unbearable to be outside. My "working hours" will be seriously cut back. The air is heavy and wet and oppressive. The pool temperature is in the mid 90's - not refreshing, at all. The Kids need their walk in the morning - it is good for all of us. Not in this - the humidity - though. I was soaking wet by the time we got home yesterday. It feels much, much "wetter" today. Good hair days? Out of the question. Too humid. I don't even want my hair touching me - has to be up, from hereon out - until the humidity wanes - which won't be for a month and a half or so. Yuck. Just yuck.


  1. Ugh - tell me about humidity, Sabra! I'm considering going bald because this is just horrible...

  2. Walking this morning was just miserable, L_Oman! You can SEE the humidity. Plain old nasty out. I really need to go downtown - but won't today, because I'd have to wear my abeya and it is just too damn humid for that!

  3. Yuck, condensation on the outside of windows, frizzy hair, dog with filthy feet because the grass is so wet she picks up every bit of sand on her paws....

    Such are the joys of summer here! Still, at least the sun is still shining!

  4. You forgot sunglasses that fog up as soon as you pull them out in the car to put them on, Rose - but you got all the rest of it! Yes, the "bright" side is that it is still sunny!!!

  5. pop over to my blog and see what I posted on my thread should cool you down.

    Gill from Canada


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