Thursday, July 24, 2008

Drugs Can Make You Lose Your Head

Not really funny. But as I was reading this, all I could think of was that old commercial, "This is your brain on drugs" where the eggs are in the frying pan... The criminal justice system, here, in my opinion, is a deterrent to committing crime. You won't catch me smuggling in any contraband for all the money in the world - dog food, yes - but nothing illegal. It just isn't worth it.

We come across the Causeway with our shopping - bags of pork - I bought ten pounds of bacon this past Sunday - and have no problem. Why? Because there is NO law that says we can't have it. We've gotten a hard time from customs only once with our cooler full of pork. But in the end, we were allowed to continue home with it. We do NOT hide it. It sits right there, in the back of the truck in the cooler, ready to be examined. The custom's men know full well what it is - even though the store [which everyone here knows about but which will remain unnamed] will wrap your ham and label it "smoked turkey." If you come across the Causeway through customs hiding your pork, my theory is that you may as well be hiding something else - say, alcohol. There are times when it would be so incredibly EASY to smuggle in bottles of vodka or cases of beer but getting caught is a risk we - my DH and I - are NOT willing to take. The consequences are far too great and severe.

Isn't it enough that 153 people were executed - beheaded - last year, and that 66 people have been executed - beheaded - this year? The warnings are ample. This country, for the most part, takes very seriously the crime of drug smuggling. Why tempt fate?


  1. could you be charged then from bringing pork in Saudi?


  2. uhhh bringng pork over is illegal. We had friends that were aressted for brining in their ham (which they did hide) there was a fine for the first offence and they were heavily searched each time they went across. If you come across the wrong guy or rub him the wrong way you can get in trouble. Although most don't bother it isn't an issue for them at all.

  3. I don't think so Gill, but who knows...

  4. We know a few too, Nz, that have been "caught" but the difference has been so far that the ones that do get caught are hiding it. We were told it is not illegal. And yes, they 'tic' your passport or something so that your vehicle gets searched thoroughly each and every time you pass after you've been caught. It is "haram" for "many" to have pork, but it is not illegal in the sense that drugs or alcohol are.


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