Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Wanna' Bet This is a Maid?

Not unlike murders that happen anywhere else in the world - you kill someone and put their lifeless body in a garbage bag and dump the body at sea... Scott Peterson Robert Petrick comes to mind. I'm sure there are others.

But here, when a " decomposing body of a woman of Asian nationality" is discovered, I'd be willing to bet she was someone's domestic help. Just sayin' is all...


  1. ... Scott Peterson comes to mind ...

    Not to mine. His wife was killed and dumped by another woman for the fetus/baby. Evelyn Hernandez comes to my mind -- or Anne Marie Fahey.

  2. Okay, then, Robert J. Petrick. Where was his wife's body found? Falls Lake?

    Interesting site, Voice of Sanity. My DH said right from the start that he did not think Scott Peterson "did it."

    Personally, I didn't pay close enough attention to the case. Yes, Scott was found guilty, so I used him as an example in my post.

    If you are not a defense attorney, you should be!

  3. No, I'm not an attorney - just someone who thinks for himself. To save arguing it here, go look at Guilty? (2 minutes to read) to see what the prosecution had - which was nonsense.
    Then look at Innocent! (1 minute to read) to see what the real circumstantial evidence in this case actually proved. 18 items of evidence for fetal abduction. Zero for uxoricide.

  4. Took a lot longer than three minutes, VOS, only because one page leads to another to another... Certainly was quite a bit of room for a great deal of doubt! So, you being someone who thinks for himself - the jury didn't? Apparently, not. Like I said, I didn't follow this closely enough to have formed an opinion - just went with what the verdict was when I wrote the post about the maid.

  5. So, you being someone who thinks for himself - the jury didn't?
    Since none of the jurors can even begin to explain their verdict (comments like "All the pieces fit together" lead to more questions like, "What pieces and how did they fit"?) I can't give them any credit for their 6 hour 'deliberations'.

  6. Again, VOS, I didn't follow it closely enough. I will tell you that I worked in the legal field for almost 25 years and participated in a number of jury trials - too many - and would often leave the courtroom - after a verdict was rendered - wondering how the hell with the evidence presented - did that jury end up with "that" verdict?

    Really does make you wonder about our legal system at times...

    Oh, and, again, like I said I didn't follow SP's trial very closely, but I had NO idea until I started reading at the sites you directed me to about Laci's clothing, underwear, etc., and the "unbirth" of Connor. Do not even think I was aware that Connor was found "outside" of Laci... That would have spoken volumes - no, not spoken, SCREAMED - that something else happened in this case!


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