Sunday, July 27, 2008

Street Cleaner Pay

This is just abysmal. There is no excuse. Nope. NO job in this country, which is so wealthy, should be allowed to pay wages THIS low. 250 riyals a month to be a street cleaner. Six days a week for nine hours a day. In U.S. dollars - $67.02 a month - comes out to TWENTY-EIGHT CENTS AN HOUR! Just wrong. Okay, so his meals are provided as well as living conditions. I have seen what these workers eat. They wrap their rice in newspaper bundles and carry it with them. And I know what a lot of the living conditions are like for these workers. Six and eight men to a single - small - room with mats on the floor - often in tents - without running water or electricity. The pay and conditions for imported workers who come here to do manual labor must be improved. Someone - in some position of authority - needs to be looking into this and do something about it.


  1. Well, that's enough to break your heart. Ugh. And, I just mentioned Jimmy Choo shoes in the post above and I feel rotten about it now.

  2. Break your heart, indeed, L_Oman. So many, many "sad" things here, sometimes.


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