Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Even the internet, here, HAS to frustrate me! Good fucking grief, can't "you" make anything simple for us?!? Just let us shop on the internet. "You" don't want us to shop in your malls - we get harassed if we are not cloaked in a ridiculous black garbage bag - I get harassed because I don't cover my hair - there are no changing rooms to try clothing on and the return polices, different at each and every store, are so rigid that "you" have made it all but IMPOSSIBLE to shop here. I refuse. But now, "you" are blocking Victoria's Secret, because "you" consider it to be the equivalent of hardp0rec0rn [spelled purposely like that because any other way would cause MY site to be blocked!]. And, "you" are blocking a plethora of other sites, as well.

This morning I decided I wanted to take advantage of a 20% off sale - that I got notice of via an e-mail - and order a couple of bathing suits from Bluefly - which I won't link to because NONE of the suits I want are available - so I decided I'd see what a couple of other stores have...

went to Everything But Water and I can view the bathing suits they have...

But when I go to Swim N Sport - which I cannot even link to - I get blocked!

Someone give me just one good fucking reason why a store that sells bathing suits has to be blocked! Just ONE!!! When I click on Swim N Sport Websense [the most totally fucking useless program in the entire world!!!] says "Lingerie and Swimsuit" is filtered. Thank "you" very much for nothing!!!


  1. One word- ORBIT ok two words Sattelite

    Love it uncensored. wooo hooo

  2. You would think they would prefer women buying "Lingerie and Swimsuits" online, after all there is absolutely no chance of you coming into contact with strange men while at the mall. Isn't that their big issue, that women may have to speak to non-maharam men? Then again, I'm expecting sane decisions from idiocy so I guess that answers that.


  3. I got a suggestion, but will e-mail you! :)

  4. Nzingha - Nothing on Orbit Satellite is blocked? Can you get to Swim N Sport from your internet/computer? We have a contract already signed that doesn't expire until October for our TV so I doubt very much DH is going to let me switch until then, but... Ahmed at Saudi Jeans has suggested this, as well. May well be the answer to my dilemma.

  5. Oh, yes, Anonymous, you would think that they would prefer women shopping for such "personal" items online. But, then, your expectation of "sane decisions" is spot on!!!

  6. Okay, L_Oman. I'll look for it. Sabrasstilettos@yahoo.com


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