Monday, July 14, 2008

More on Marriage, Here

Another more thorough and thought-out response to Maha Aheel's article and my post about Saudi women marrying non-Saudi men, here. [Scroll down to the middle of the page.] The writer, a man, Salah Al-Qahtani, has some valid questions and makes some interesting points. He says that one of the reasons a Saudi woman would marry a non-Saudi man is because "She is looking for a man who will build a family with her, not a brigade of wives."

The whole marriage issue, here, is just so different than what I, as a Westerner, am accustomed to...

A couple more articles - they are just quickies - are here. One reports that because a relative [cousin?] was rejected by the bride, he - the relative - threatened to kill anyone who married her. The bridegroom felt threatened enough to invite the police to his wedding.

The other reports that a jilted woman wants to complain to the police about a man who broke her heart. [Honey, this is just part of life. Woman-up, quit 'chur crying and deal!] Apparently she is seeing a psychologist, and the psychologist's recommendation is that she not fall in love with a man via e-mail or mobile phone. Good advice. The same psychologist says that another girl complained to him that her boyfriend hit her and broke her phone when she broached the issue of marriage. [Honey, if he is hitting you before you are married - he is going to beat you senseless for not ironing his gutra properly after you are married - run, do not walk, RUN away from him, and do NOT look back!] According to the psychologist, "Only 20 percent of summer mobile and e-mail love stories end in marriage, but 80 percent of these marriages end in divorce in the first four years..." and he warns "young couples against such hasty alliances."


  1. I haven't read the articles, but like you I 'struggle' with cultural issues here and at one point it bothered me so much that I just wanted to leave! I see both sides of the fence since I'm married to a local and all I can say is they like to live their life as if it is a soap opera. They feed on the drama, but will never admit to it. I keep trying to tell them the 'bold and the beautiful' reruns aren't true life! HA HA.

    I'm just like, 'dude - let me live in peace, I wanna chill at the beach, eat my cheese potatoes and chocolate cake while I listen to Clapton.' (and that was probably one of the stupidest things I've ever said, but I won't delete it! HA)

  2. Velveeta cheese potatoes, by any chance??? Oh how I am still craving it... And chocolate cake - Hostess makes the best chocolate cupcakes in the entire world!!! But as of today, I'm NOT letting even a crumb of one touch my lips...

  3. As weird as this is, everytime I see velveeta, the word 'sandbox' comes to mind! Just yesterday I was at the market and it happened again! HA HA.

    Doesn't Hostess have a 'lite' line of their cupcakes?!? And, are you having them shipped in or what?

  4. Well it is nice that you think of me when you see the Velveeta, L_Oman. I wonder how well it ships... I could put a couple blocks of it in my suitcase since we are - apparently - NEVER going to have it in the stores again, here.

    If Hostess does a "lite" line, we don't get those. Just the heavy, duty, full-flavor, packed with fat and calorie ones...


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