Monday, July 21, 2008

Done! For the Time Being...

The bedroom and my closet are finally coming together. Of course, Rev was supposed to be here at ten o'clock on Sunday to finish the "construction" part of the work - new closet door needed a door handle put on - Rev never showed up [who'd of guessed he'd be a no show?!?] - and wouldn't answer my calls until today. I had to get a couple pieces of 1 X 2 cut to hang the Roman shades - which didn't come out quite as well as I would have liked them to... [I had them hung with one nail - the one on the left didn't hold up - need DH to use some screws and the drill for me to get these to stay.] I still need to get downtown to get a few pillow forms - not going to use the old ones and recover them - they are too tired, flat and floppy at this point. Time for them to go out to the side of the road. I need cord to string through the Roman shades to open and close them... Too hot and humid today to put my abeya on and head out. Maybe tomorrow. I also want to go to the library to get the book on window treatments that I saw several months ago. Will do something with the dark purple fabric for the sides of the windows so that you don't see the gaps where the Roman shades are and to make them more finished and polished looking... Something that drapes down both sides and need the boxes to go over the top. Want for DH to take the papyrus painting that is in the dining room and move it to over the bed - which I would have done but I know I need to locate a stud and put some strong support thingy in to hold the picture - it is big - but the colors are perfect for the bedroom. Then it will be absolutely perfect. I am very pleased with my work. I made the bedspread, bed-skirt, pillow shams and covers, and of course, the Roman shades. Kids now need new pillow covers in their crates to match the new bedspread, as well. But I really need to retire my trusty little Singer machine for a week or two. You can only sew so much... The bedspread was a major, major, major project and one I will never ever attempt again. All in all I am quite pleased with my work - and Rev's guys did a good job on the wall and closet even if it did take me a three weeks to get him to get the work done! The "old" bedroom and closet are here. And, TA DA! I present the new bedroom:

The new closet - the old louver doors which I absolutely couldn't stand are gone and I can actually get to everything in my closet for the first time since I had the initial work done last October:

What post of a redecorating job would be complete without The Kids... The Boy in his favorite place:

And, The Baby a/k/a The Pretty Princess [who is in dire need of a good grooming!]:


  1. You are marvelous with a sewing machine! My only experience with one was a maddening attempt to make an apron in 4-H way back in elementary school. I finished it (with help from my mom), but will most likely never attempt any such thing again. ;>) I'm green with envy over your needle skills.

  2. Why thank you so much, Dawn-Michelle! I did work very, very hard on this - it was NOT easy. I will never, ever attempt ANYTHING like this again. It isn't a quilt - but a "comforter" and you can't see the stitching that was involved, unfortunately. There was an awful lot of cursing going on here for a couple of days, let me tell you! I'll be sticking with aprons from now on - well, maybe just dresses for the Pretty Princess... and pillow covers for The Kids' crates.

  3. The bedroom looks great! You did a wonderful job. Did you find the roman blinds easy to make? I need to make some drapes and maybe some blinds for our new home.

  4. Thanks, Kathleen! Roman blinds were not difficult - but not exactly "easy," either. Not nearly as tough as the comforter to sew, I'll tell you that much. Roman blinds could have come out better - am a little disappointed - but I'll fix 'em with some swags and cornices - or whatever those "boxy" things are that go over windows are called.

  5. You are so talented, Sabra! I love, love, love it!

    (and I love your pups!)

  6. Not so sure it's talent, L_Oman. Determination is a better word for it. But, thank you! [And how could anyone NOT love those little cuties of mine...]


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