Monday, July 28, 2008

Murderer Succumbs

The two articles in each of the two English newspapers, here, have a few more details on the murder which took place a week or so ago. The Arab News article says, "According to police sources, the man - who was supposed to marry in Taif last Thursday - killed the woman with whom he had a six-year relationship." Not quite sure about this, but it appears as though he killed a woman that he was NOT going to marry. The Saudi Gazette article says, "The incident occurred before the man's wedding, which was set for Thursday in Taif. The woman who escaped said that the incident was sparked by the man's jealousy over his financèe of six years." Was he going to marry the woman he shot and killed - or was he going to marry someone else? I just don't get it...

Arab News reports that, "Following the shooting, the man's father and brothers came to police saying he was previously suffering from breathing difficulties and other health problems." [A lot of "murders" here are simply attributed to "mental health." I have my own opinion as to why so many in this country are afflicted with "mental health," but for the time being, I am actually going to keep my opinion to myself.] A spokesman for Jeddah police said that "the woman who witnessed the incident was being questioned." She has been "being questioned" for a two weeks now - how many questions do you have for her?

The Saudi Gazette reports that the cousin and the aunt are still in police custody and that "The hometown of the man, the alleged killer, was stunned to hear the news. Several people there attested to the strong moral fiber of the man as well as his family." Um hmm. Of course they did.

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