Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It All Comes Down to Money

These practices are not going to end no matter what steps the government, here, puts in place to replace the sponsorship system. There is too much money at stake. Labor Minister Ghazi Al-Gosaibi himself said so, "Many Saudi companies and individuals have been involved in the lucrative visa trade for many years." You think these Saudi companies and men are going to willingly slaughter their own cash cow? No. Not going to happen. The government can go ahead and issue a new law that will cancel the sponsorship program, and the next day, the men who have benefited from the illegal visa practice and trade will come up with a method to get around it.

One way to look at this is from the government's stand point - they are upset that there are companies and men who are profiting in this "illegal" trade. They will play an active role in abolishing it, so that the companies and men involved will be forced to share the bounty. Oh, don't for a skinny second think that bribes and kick-backs are limited to only politicians and government officials in the States. Corruption knows no boundaries - it is world wide. The only ones that will be hurt by the new law are going to be the "illegals" or "overstayers" who will now pay double what they have been paying to get a visa.

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