Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I'd say this is pretty brazen. Honestly, how much more warning can you give some people. Being caught with drugs, dealing drugs, doing drugs... All taken very seriously in this country. And you have the guts to deal drugs in prison? Of course you are going to get caught, and YOU ARE going to be punished!

You are going to be punished for smuggling liquor into this country, as well. Just. Don't. Do. It.

Don't know if I believe that this happened quite like it is reported. Something is just a little too fishy. It could have happened this way, but I have some doubts. Four Yemenis tied up a 100 year old man to steal 2000 riyals [$536.00]? No. If they split the money, that's $134. each. The Yemenis are being used as scapegoats, here. They did not do this. Just my opinion...

Is there something in the air in the Eastern Province? Why are so many people committing suicide, here? Are as many suicides taking place in other parts of this country and just not being reported in the papers? Interesting. Are authorities giving this some attention? I hope so.

Here is a quick report of a man stabbing his second wife in the arm following a domestic dispute. Reports of violence are becoming more widespread. Not because it didn't happen before; it did. But because people are finally opening up about it and reporting it when it happens - and in the past it was all kept very hush, hush.


  1. I believe the Yemeni guys tied the old man up and stole his 2000 SR which is a lot to some. But I"m thinking since someone attempted to rob the old man before is that the rumor was the old man in the neighborhood had stashed money, unspecified amount but large according to rumors.

    yup believe it

  2. Don't know that I agree that it was the Yemenis that did this, though, Nz. Could have been anyone - if the rumors are true - that he had stashed money...

  3. ?? don't know if it was Yemenis?


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