Friday, July 04, 2008

Getting Out the Duck Tape!

Oh, my. If "they" are going to start fining people for cursing, here, I am in serious trouble! Not a day goes by when, if I go somewhere - the clinic, the paint store, the commissary - I don't end up spewing off a mouthful of cursing that would make a sailor blush. This man was fined 4000 SR for cursing. In U.S. Dollars, that is $1,072.38.

It is one thing to get a speeding ticket on our compound - I can't get a speeding ticket off of the compound because women are not allowed to drive in the Sandbox. I've gotten two speeding tickets. One, right after we first got here, and another a year or so ago. DH becomes the one responsible for my tickets and he was none to pleased either time - especially with the second one - where I "cursed" Security for pulling me over and refused to sign the ticket. DH will absolutely positively have a conniption if I get fined for "cursing."
I will be easily identifiable from hereon out; I will be the blonde in the abeya with a huge piece of duck tape covering her mouth.


  1. ha! I thought I was the only one in the world who said, 'conniption'!

    Well, I do know that flipping the bird will get you into some hot water here. Not sure about dropping the f-bomb. Just bite your tongue!

  2. I'm just glad someone else knew what 'conniption' means, L_Oman!

    So many times while in our truck I've lifted my hand to flip someone off - DH usually catches me, though... Biting my tongue with the F-bomb? It will be bloody in no time!


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