Monday, July 21, 2008

The Great Tan Lizard Hunter!

I let The Boy out to do business this afternoon - as soon as he gets out the door he starts barking and going absolutely bezerk - I go out to check and see what the problem is. This is it:

These are his nemesis. He sooo sooo wants to get another little gecko. He has gotten only one - in his entire five-plus years here - and managed to "de-tail" the poor little thing. Did the gecko leave and go find another yard to hang out in? No. The gecko continued to live his tail-less life in our back yard taunting The Boy any chance it could - which was often. I couldn't get any shots of The Boy lunging UP and AT the wall to try to get this little gecko, I tried, but the camera just doesn't "shoot" fast enough.


  1. That is one big boy!

    Just curious - is he freaked out by the big lizards to the right side of the door!?!?

    He's beautiful, really!

  2. Nope, L_Oman, the metal ones - he could care less - but that little "live" one - whoa!!! He WANTS it! [He is actually a very small Great Dane - about 30 pounds smaller than an average size Great Dane male. He had a very, very rough start as a puppy due to abuse. It was sickeningly horrible. I can't go in to it. Too much for me. We adopted him from a rescue league.]

  3. Just watch out that one of them doesn't fall into your coffee pot, or into your car vents!

  4. Chris - Didn't I leave a comment on your blog about this? No snake-bites! One of them DIE in our truck - when we had the Land Rover - it was AWFUL for a good two weeks! The first week the smell was unbearable - the second it was diminished, but still enough so that you had to have the windows open - in August...


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