Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Oh My Gosh!

Will wonders never cease! Rev called at 7:35 this morning and said he was going to be here in ten or fifteen minutes. And, guess what? HE REALLY DID SHOW UP!!! And there is a guy actually working on the construction - RIGHT NOW - as I type this!!! I am soooo happy this morning. [Apparently it doesn't take much, does it...]

I asked Rev if he was going to get the paint today and he said, "No. Have no time." You know what? I'm fine with that. Just tell me. I would much, much, much rather have someone tell me that he can't do something than to have someone tell me that he is going to do something and then NOT do it. Rev said he will get the paint tomorrow and that they will paint on Friday. That is all I need to hear. I did however tell him that by Friday, it is THIS Friday, July 18th, and that I expect that it will ALL be done. Rev asked for money. I told him that I wasn't giving him any money until everything was completed, to which he responded, "Yeah, yeah, yeah."

[I wonder if DH called Rev last night and spoke to him without my knowing it. DH and I had a conversation yesterday afternoon and I told him that HE was going to have to call Rev and tell him that he HAS to get the work done for me and that from now on if he can't do something he needs to tell me and not just say "yeah, yeah, yeah" and NOT do it... I did tell DH that I wanted to hear him say this to Rev, and of course I didn't, but that doesn't mean that DH didn't call him and tell him - Rev, that is - that he needs to get his butt in gear one way or another because DW - that would be me - is bitching up a storm and that he - that would be DH - is forced to listen me - to which he responds, "Okay, Hun." Or, the equivalent of "Yeah, yeah, yeah."]

UPDATE: Can a four-legged Kid get laryngitis from continuous barking? The Baby is NOT at all happy that some construction work in the bedroom/closet is FINALLY taking place and has been barking non-stop since she was "locked" in her crate a couple of hours ago. It is not a distress "I am in trouble" bark, but instead a high-pitched sharp "arff arff arff" that is quite clearly communicating "I am NOT happy!" Sorry, Pretty Princess, but you are there until the worker leaves later today...


  1. And I really, really am doing a Happy Dance, L_Oman!!!

  2. Can I make suggestion? Of course I understand its your blog and you can choose whatever to write and all. When I first started reading your blog, it was socially relevant with lots of insights into the life in sandbox. But now increasingly it has become a daily diary, with mundane details. Of course, these dtails may be important to you, and living there may leave you frustrated that even things such as these would seem too big to handle. But I would suggest that since you have such a flair for writing, to use it on things that are more interesting to readers and less about redecorating the bedroom. But then as I said, it is your blog and you may choose to write whatever you want.....

  3. SS, any suggestion is welcome. I do think I try to keep this blog balanced, insofar as posts that are "socially relevant" with some insight into life here in the Sandbox. Skip the posts on my redoing the bedroom. It was a "whim" I got a few weeks ago - thinking that while DH was out of town - I could easily make something blah and boring into something much more appealing. Of course, it also happened to coincide with a very angry and frustrated mind-set that I knew I had to get myself out of... Had all gone as planned - does anything, anywhere? - then I could have just done it and the whole ordeal would be over. But no... It did, and has, become a mission, at this point.

    You hit the nail on the head with your statement "Of course, these details may be important to you, and living there may leave you frustrated that even things such as these would seem too big to handle." It has to do with control - that which I can exercise over MY life - and more often than not, that seems to somehow evade me, here. And, yes, I am probably guilty of using this as my outlet.

    Avoid the decorating posts, SS. Read the others... I will continue to post on issues here as they relate to life in a "world" so different from that which I came from. And, I promise NOT to post anything with regard to whatever trials and tribulations I encounter when I redecorate the study!

  4. Actually, I find your posts on your everyday frustrations quite refreshing. They remind me that there are problems everywhere and my problems might just be a little easier to solve than someone else's. I find your blog facinating!

  5. What a nice compliment, Dawn-Michelle, that you find my blog fascinating. Thank you.

    As to my everyday frustrations - I would gladly and happily forgo a day or two or three. But such is life, here, much of which I have absolutely NO control over, whatsoever. Just the simple aspect of getting in my car to drive to a grocery store off our compound can be an issue... Or to go get paint... Imagine someone at Home Depot telling you to come back later to get it!

  6. Yay! Hope the work being done is to your satisfaction. Life in a foreign country as Americans can be frustrating. We lived in Europe while serving with the military. Living in the 'sandbox' is filled with alot harsher & difficult conditions. Your blog is a mix of day-to day and insightful information. (I started reading your blog while my dh was serving in the other 2 sandboxes.)

  7. The lone guy that showed up a week or so ago - that spoke NO English - did "okay" work. The two others that have shown up since have done excellent work! It should be done, today. I am very, very pleased with it so far.

    Yes, life in a foreign country as an American IS frustrating - at times - a lot of times - and especially, here, in a country so thoroughly controlled and dominated by men. Honestly, Kathleen, I am amazed at times that I have made it this long. And, it looks as though, if things remain status quo, that we will be here for ten years - if not fifteen. One-fifth of my life - or more! [I cannot think of it, like that.]

  8. Your husband must really like his job.

  9. Actually, Kathleen, he truly does like what he is doing. It IS in his blood! That he is substantially compensated is just an added benefit to the fact that he is doing what he really, really wants to do...


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