Monday, July 14, 2008

Eight Weeks and Forty Pounds!

I may as well face the facts. Not only am I NOT going to get my bedroom and closet done before I leave for vacation, but there is also NO WAY I'm going to be able to drop the extra "baggage" I've accumulated in the five-plus years I've been in the Sandbox. The extra "baggage" didn't happen right away. I wasn't happy enough. Now that I'm happy, I'm carrying around so much more than when I was unhappy, is it any wonder that my knee is fucked up? No. Have I admitted that that is probably part of my problem? Nah. Couldn't possibly be, right?

Starting today, I am either going to have to quit eating anything that tastes good, or I am going to have to go on Beyonce's maple syrup lemon juice water diet. Neither sounds at all appealing. But, supposedly Beyonce lost 22 pounds in two weeks! [I'm not a Beyonce fan - I hate that she has a label of clothing designed to make little girls look like hookers, I refuse to spend any money on her Dereon line of clothing because I don't agree with the life style it promotes - but then I won't buy BabyPhat for the exact same reason and I think BabyPhat is much, much worse! And, I wouldn't know any of Beyonce's music if it came on the radio, but I do so appreciate the fact that she made it fashionable for women to have "curves," and not have to have teeny tiny little cheeks for butts!]

I only need to lose five pounds a week to get down to my "pre-happiness" weight... And, I think that could be possible if I just don't allow myself to eat anything that I like. No more Hostess Cupcakes [they are one or two of my daily staples!], no more grape slush [my own concoction - the ONLY thing to drink while laying on a float in the pool], no more bacon [the only meat I eat at this point], no more frozen pancakes... If it tastes good, I will just have to muster up some willpower and NOT let it touch my lips! What's the old saying, "A minute on the lips, forever on the hips." Something like that.

Breakfast today: Water. Lunch today: Water. Dinner tonight: A lettuce leaf and water. Good grief. There is just no way...

UPDATE: The maple syrup lemon juice water is out! A Blogging Goddess has pointed out the danger of lemons and their juice. I just can't risk it. If this isn't warning enough, I don't know what is...


  1. Hold the phone. Did you say you get friggin' cupcakes there? Hostess cupcakes?

    Seriously, as 'controversial' as the atkins diet is, I did it and followed it through and shrunk to a happy size. Then I went back to the pasta and am happy, but not at the happy size I was. Girl, you could still eat your bacon too if you wanted! :)

    And, there's this pizza quiche that's insanely delish. Google 'low carb forum' and check it out. That is, if you're not freaked out by limiting your carbs in the beginning! :)

  2. Check out sparkpeople. They have tips, information and a community that helps you with weight loss.
    Keeping a food journal will help. Plus you already know you need to eliminate the cupcakes. That's a start.

  3. I've actually done Atkins, twice, with good results, L_Oman. It is because of Atkins that I can't eat eggs any more! I did lose 17 pounds with it the first time... That is an option.

  4. Yes, Kathleen, eliminating one of my favorite foods will help - actually eliminating ALL of my favorite foods is what I need to do. I just read an article about keeping a food journal that said that people that did this actually had better weight loss results than those that didn't. Starting today, I'll be keeping a food journal!

  5. Holy Eggs, Sabra! I found that varying the foods I ate really helped me. I was so addicted to salads drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper that I ate them every day.

  6. Hi Sabra, I hear ya on the baggage. I need to learn how to say *go easy on the gee* in Hindi. Here's a recipe for some brownies that I find satisfy the chocolate/dessert craving. I like to add a bit of frozen Lite Cool Whip on top.

  7. I actually ate an entire bag of lettuce for dinner last night L_Oman, with only a little dressing and a few croutons. Weight this morning? More than yesterday!

  8. These are supposed to be "diety" Angry In Oman? What is FF brownie mix, or can I use any brownie mix? Recipe doesn't call for any eggs... Willing to give 'em a try - especially since we do have lite Cool-Whip, here! Thanks!!!

  9. Angry In Oman! Are you my long lost sister?!?! HA HA.

    Open comments on your blog! I'd like to enlighten you a bit! HA HA.

    (sorry Sabra for hi-jacking this!)

  10. L_Oman, you hi-jack anything you want... I went to Angry in Oman's blog - you already commented.

    Angry in Oman - put the posts you wrote and deleted back up... Trust me, over here, you will NOT be alone in putting up posts which say things you might regret later. Welcome to the Middle East!


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