Friday, July 11, 2008

Six Hours Work, Little Accomplished

At least some work got done. I am thankful for that. It is, after all, Friday, here - the equivalent of Sunday in the States. Rev came with one of his workers this morning - he said they would be here at nine - they came at ten. Close enough. Rev told his worker what needed to be done and then Rev left to go to another job. The closet got the new door - but that is all that was accomplished. There is no door handle on the closet door - the shelves inside did not get moved; the plasterboard got put up where one of the louver doors used to be - but the plasterboard didn't even get taped or filled in with spackling compound or whatever is needed to fill in the "cracks." Rev's worker spoke NO English - I speak none of whatever language he speaks - not even sure where he is from [India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka...] - so whenever there was an issue - which, by the way, there were many - he would call Rev and then bring the phone to me so that I could speak to Rev who would then translate. Some progress. Very little...

The house will remain in a complete state of disarray until when??? Rev says he will be at the doctor again tomorrow so he will not be able to work. Whatever. He said that he will "try" to be here on Sunday to do the wall preparation and finish the closet work and do the inside closet painting and move the light. Maybe on Monday... Then they will try to get the room painted on Tuesday or Wednesday. I tried to pin him down to a specific day but he can't tell me until he goes to the doctor. I know I should just be patient, but I've got my part done and can't do anything with it until the rest of it gets done - and besides - I am just NOT a patient person. It is too dark to take a picture of the new closet door and it really is not all that exciting.

DH did finally ask me today why all of the sudden I have decided that the bedroom has to be redone. Simple. Because we have 1339 days that we are going to be in this house and I need for it to make me happy while we are here and for that to happen it has to look good on the inside, as well as on the outside. DH should know better than to ask. And I should know better than to ask DH which of the two new colors he thinks I should go with, because his response was "I don't care."

I just regret saying anything about the whole damn project, here, because what I thought would be so simple - and in the real world it would be - hasn't been simple at all... Oh well. Such IS life here in The Sandbox.


  1. To bad you can't do the work yourself. I am sure you would do a great job. Are the colors shades of gray? That's what they look like in the photos.

  2. The one on the wall - which is a great color - but just too dark - is actually a really dark, smoky lavender.

    Today? Absolutely nothing happened - but then I was warned yesterday that nothing would...

    Honestly, Kathleen, if I was just a bit "handier" with more than a couple screwdrivers and a hammer I would have done the work myself!


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