Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Girls, here, are bored. Yeah. I'd think so. There is - outside of life on a "compound," virtually nothing for young women to do except roam the malls. After all, who wants to go to the beach when it is over a hundred degrees AND humid outside covered head-to-toe in black? We see little girls riding their bikes at the parks and playing and I often think to myself, "Enjoy it while it while you can because in two years your life as you know it will be over! You won't be able to play outside and ride your bike in your abeya. Heck, you'll be lucky if you aren't having a marriage arranged for you!" [Nothing makes me more disgusted to see little girls in abeya's. I mean LITTLE GIRLS - that are five or six or seven. And, I see them all the time. It is both disgusting and very, very sad.]

Another "pimp" has been arrested. [No need to play "guess the nationality."] "Five Indonesian maids" were caught in "compromising positions with men." Who are these men? No names mentioned, and no nationality. Hmmm...

An Indian worker has been found strangled; a suspect has been arrested. A confession is expected in the short term. The police are always able to elicit one - a confession, that is. Anyone care to wonder how they do it?

Jeddah is kicking off their "third annual film festival." Interesting that there is a film festival, here, when there are no movie theaters [private compounds being exceptions]. This says that the film festival will be open to everyone. Men one night, women and families the next? There won't be any "mixed" company, will there? Can't have that...

Here we have another "blackmailer" that has been arrested. A young girl met a man via Bluetooth and sent him photographs of herself [not p0rn0graphic] and now that the man wants to go out on a "date" with her, she's had him arrested. When will these men ever learn...

There are not enough details about this car crash. A man crashed into a police car at a traffic light. Did the man run the light? Because that would be so out of the realm of probability, here... The man that crashed into the police car has died; the police officer was injured.


  1. A quick question, does anything nice happen where you live? LOL

    Gill from Canada

  2. If it does, Gill, it doesn't get published in the papers. Good news doesn't sell papers - bad news does!

  3. Not in Oman Sabra, there is no bad news here ever. Unless it happens somewhere else. The are no murders, car accidents, sexual preditors, theives, fires, etc. here.
    Sometimes I hear rumours of murder, or people being dumped out in the dessert but you never know because it's not reported in the news papers.

    Oman is perfect, the people are perfect....

    How the frig is this helpful?

  4. We need to move to Oman, then! Besides not having any murders, car accidents, sexual predators, thieves, etc., etc., etc., you CAN get Velveeta cheese there! Unfortunately I don't see the move happening - DH wouldn't be able to get the job he has here - and I'd end up working 48 hours a week... [Did you find out if you DO have tomorrow off or not? I do hope that you do - and that YOU enjoy your DAY OFF Angry In Oman!]

  5. my girls wear abyas sometimes. Not because I ask them to but because they want to. Girls want to be like mama and when mama is going out in an abya they do to. Leyna had a design she picked out herself, she wears it when she wants to and takes it off when she wants to. So don't always think the girls are forced to wear an abya.. some little girls just want to be like mama :)

    and the indian worker who was strangled.. did you read the details about the housing. It averaged out to be like 4.8 workers sharing one room. Long list of possible suspects.

  6. There may be girls who want to be like Mama, Nzingha, and that is certainly understandable - what little girl in the US doesn't play dress-up in her Mama's high-heels? But, there are also, I suspect, many who are NOT wearing it to be like Mama, but because, instead, it is forced upon them.

    As far as housing for laborers, you live around these parts, Nzingha, just look at the "tent camp" that has been set up outside of Dhahran Mall for the laborers who are doing the building there. Tell me THAT IS NOT sad!

  7. Oh yes some are forced. But not all least not my little mama want to bes :)

    I have to go check out the tent camp I haven't paid attention. Of course I haven't been out and about to flippen hot.

  8. I still don't know... my work situation is a bit complicated to say the least... I think I'll turn my phone off before I go to bed.

  9. I haven't been out in a while, either, Ngingha - it was there when I went to the new furniture store a couple months ago... Don't know how they are coming with the mall addition so don't know if the tent camp is even still there or not. Wish I would remember to take my camera with me on trips downtown for pictures of things like this...

  10. Well, I hope, Angry In Oman, you are able to enjoy a day off! And if you do have to work... I'll be working, too, if it is any consolation. But my "job" is to lay in the pool and work on my tan for several hours. Yeah. Probably not much consolation...


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