Sunday, July 13, 2008


Everyone knows that you need to be nice to your server when you go out to eat - at least until your food is served, right? This woman should have been nice to her maids. Why else would they have felt the need to spike her tea? And how is it that the maids so readily admitted "contaminating" the tea?

As if being a woman and getting caught driving isn't going to get you in enough trouble... Don't be leaving your house without your veil and headscarf, too! So, not only is the young woman who got caught driving the other day being investigated for doing so, but now, she could face charges of appearing unveiled in public. The article doesn't say what the penalty is - how many months in jail or lashings are necessary to teach this woman to NEVER leave her house unveiled again?

And finally, government offices are not much different here than they are in the States. Workers still want paid for doing virtually nothing and instead of actually performing some necessary function pretend to look busy by playing games on their computers.


  1. :gag, gag, cough, gag: over the tea.

    She must have been one wicked, cruel madame for them to go to that extent.

    ...and - they willingly admitted that?!?!...

  2. We must try not to think about it, L_Oman. When I had the kettle on earlier... Nope. Just NOT going to let this enter my mind when I'm making my tea!

  3. HA! Can you imagine I was thinking about it this morning driving to work? I almost wiped out on the roundabout!

    Nasty. Just nasty.

  4. If you weren't allowed to drive in Oman, you wouldn't have a problem, now, would you?

    Didn't I tell you NOT to think about it? Try humming the tune to Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious to yourself...

  5. tee hee. I was just saying that last night to my son. He was like, 'Mom - wha....?' My poor kids - they're so deprived of the things I loved growing up...'The Great Pumpkin (charlie brown), Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music and The Wizard of Oz'...

    For real, I don't know how you keep your sanity with not being able to drive. Bless you! And, since you can't drive, I say eat all the ding dongs you want...

  6. besides being plane nasty and this isn't something I would put past some of the cooks i've employed (eewww freaking myself out) the article is a bit funny.

    She drinks the tea, has pains gets tested and they can tell she drank urine? uhhhhhh huh?

    Maybe just convinced myself not to hire another maid. Mr. Man has said some of the women do this to be spiteful and I've heard the stories.. but man.. ewww

    good thing I don't drink much tea

  7. More Hostess Cupcakes are NOT going to help me, L_Oman! I need to slowly wean myself off of them...

  8. I know, Nzingha - drinks tea, feels pains, gets tested. Who knows, though?

    I like my tea in the afternoons - coffee in the morning - and yesterday I actually thought about this as the tea sat on the table getting cold...


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