Thursday, July 10, 2008

I AM Going to Hurt Him!

You cannot be serious, Rev! You. Cannot. Be! I talked to you yesterday at four o'clock in the afternoon. You told me the guys would be here to work, THIS MORNING, between seven-thirty and eight. You are NEVER on time, so when nine o'clock came around, I didn't suspect that you were not coming...

I just barely got off the phone with
Rev. Supposedly he is at the hospital again being checked out because of "the pain." The pain he is feeling right now is nothing like the pain I want to inflict on him and make him feel! Do I believe him, that he's at the hospital, again? No. 'Wanna know why? Earlier this week - two days ago - when he supposedly was still in the hospital, a friend of my DH saw him on the compound. Do I believe he was originally in the hospital? Yes. And I want to believe him. But... But... But...

I did empty my closet, and now, because I did, the house is an absolute wreck. I just got told that if they can come today - they will work three hours and then finish on Saturday. WTF?!? Yo
u are going to have me leave this house, like it is, until some time next week?!?

You are going to be penalized big time for this. I'm only paying you half of what you quoted for the price to have the work I want done. From now on - and I should know better at this point, because I know this is how Rev works - you are going to put in writing what you are going to do and how much you are going to charge AND WHEN YOU ARE GOING TO START AND WHEN YOU ARE GOING TO BE FINISHED - and then I am going to put in writing that I am going to subtract a percentage for every day that you do not complete the work you are supposed to do - ten percent for day one, twenty percent for day two, forty percent for day three - and by day five - you won't be getting paid at all, and instead will be paying me!

Am I furious? No. Beyond furious. I am ready to fix Rev's problem for him and do an appendectomy or whatever he needs done with my own bare hands!!! I am going to have to live in an absolute chaos until sometime on Monday - if - and that is a BIG if - the construction gets done on Saturday - and if everything gets painted on Sunday - it will be Monday before I can put everything back in its place and put my new bedroom together. Rev and I are going to have some strong words. Some very strong words. Only he won't be doing ANY of the talking. I'll going to be doing it ALL!

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